Mayor’s $1.9 billion budget proposal includes millions for housing help

Mayor's $1.9 billion budget proposal includes millions for housing help

TAMPA, Fla. — Like many in Tampa, David Jones said he couldn’t afford to live on his own.

“I have to share my home with four other people because I cannot afford it.” housingJones stated that Tampa is his hometown.

The Affordable housing crisis has hit Tampa hard, and that’s why Jones, who works with the Tampa Bay Community Action Committee, said the city needs to do even more to help.

The proposed new $1.9 billion budget includes$5.5 million in general funds money housingAffordable Housing and $20 Million for housing-related services.

“The needs of the people clearly aren’t being met,” Jones continued. “We are witnessing an egregious increase in the homeless population. More people are struggling to pay their bills.

A large part of the budgetNew contracts include raises for city workers represented by one of Tampa’s three unions.

“We raised the salaries of City of Tampa employees, which is very important; 18.5% over the next three years,” Tampa city council member Luis Viera said. “Inflation was very large. Look at our police officers, firefighters, and parks workers. We all want to support these men and their families.

The budgetAlso includesTwo additional construction crews were added to manage infrastructure repairs and improvements, and to create a premium transit corridor that connects Westshore to downtown as well as downtown to the University.

On Tuesday, one more will be added budgetAudition on Sept. 20 prior to the city council votes on budget. – * Source link

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