Matt Ryan’s Agent Connects with Jets while Carson Wentz Allegedly Reaches Out to New York Regarding Quarterback Position

Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz Express Interest in New York Jets Quarterback Spot

There seems to be a buzz building around the New York Jets’ quarterback position as yet another veteran and a former first-round pick have reportedly expressed their interest in joining the team. According to recent reports, Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz have both reached out to the Jets through their agents, signaling their openness to a potential move to the Big Apple. With the Jets in search of a reliable quarterback to lead their franchise, the attention of both players brings an interesting dynamic to the situation.

Matt Ryan’s Potential Move to New York Jets

Matt Ryan, the long-time quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, has reportedly told his agents to gauge the interest of the New York Jets. Ryan, who has spent his entire 13-year career with the Falcons, has had a successful tenure but finds himself in a team undergoing a major rebuild. With the 35-year-old quarterback still having some mileage left in his career, a move to the Jets might offer him a chance to rejuvenate his career in a new environment.

Ryan, the 2016 NFL MVP, has been a consistent performer throughout his career and has shown the ability to lead an offense effectively. Despite his advancing age, he still possesses a strong arm and has a good understanding of the game. The Jets, who have struggled to find a franchise quarterback in recent years, could benefit from Ryan’s experience and leadership on and off the field.

Carson Wentz’s Interest in the New York Jets

Another quarterback whose name has been linked to the New York Jets is Carson Wentz. After a promising start to his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz’s performance has declined in recent years, leading to his benching in favor of rookie Jalen Hurts.

Wentz, eager to regain his status as a starting quarterback, has reportedly reached out to the Jets to express his interest in joining the team. The 28-year-old believes that a fresh start with a new organization could help him rediscover his form and potential.

If the Jets were to acquire Wentz, they would be taking a gamble on a quarterback with a high ceiling but recent struggles. Wentz showed brilliance earlier in his career, displaying impressive athleticism and the ability to make difficult throws. However, his decision-making and accuracy have come under scrutiny in recent seasons, making him a risky proposition for any team looking to rely on him as their leader.

The Impact of Matt Ryan or Carson Wentz on the Jets

If either Matt Ryan or Carson Wentz were to join the New York Jets, it would undoubtedly bring a level of experience and leadership that the franchise has been lacking in recent years.

Ryan, with his impressive NFL resume and proven ability to lead an offense, would provide stability and guidance for a team that has struggled to find consistency at the quarterback position. His presence would not only benefit the offense but also the entire organization, as his experience and professionalism could positively influence the younger players on the roster.

On the other hand, Carson Wentz’s potential move to the Jets would be more of a high-risk, high-reward situation. While his recent struggles have raised concerns, there is still hope that a change of scenery and coaching staff could spark a turnaround in his performance. Wentz has shown glimpses of his potential in the past, and if he were able to regain his form, he could be a dynamic playmaker for the Jets.

Considering Other Options for the Jets

While the interest from Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz is intriguing, the New York Jets will need to carefully evaluate their options before committing to a new quarterback.

The upcoming NFL Draft offers the team an opportunity to select a young quarterback with high potential, such as Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. These prospects bring a fresh start and the ability to grow with the team. Additionally, pursuing other veteran quarterbacks who may become available through trades or free agency should also be a consideration for the Jets.


The New York Jets find themselves in an exciting position as Matt Ryan and Carson Wentz have reportedly expressed interest in joining the team. With both quarterbacks offering different skill sets and levels of experience, the Jets must carefully evaluate their options before making a decision that will shape the future of their franchise. Whether they choose to go with a proven veteran like Matt Ryan or take a gamble on the potential of Carson Wentz, the Jets are undoubtedly looking to find stability and leadership at the crucial quarterback position.

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