Martha Stewart’s ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ Photos Are Turning Heads

Martha Stewart's 'Teenage Dirtbag' Photos Are Turning Heads

Martha Stewart’s video clip on TikTok includes nine throwbacks with the caption “My teenage dirtbag pictures.” We see young people in the montage. MarthaYou can find him posing in photos that include standing by a pool, in front of an aircraft, or holding a basket of eggs. Stewart used to be a model, so posing is something Stewart is skilled in.

A TikTok video caused some people to argue that the photos are not dirtbaggish. Commentators include: “Not one dirtbag photo in this bunch. Gorgeous photos,” “she didn’t understand the assignment,” and “The epitome of class.” While there were thousands of compliments on her beauty, there were, as you’d expect, a few trolls trying to get a dig in on Stewart — but we just scrolled past those.

Several viewers were disappointed that one photo was missing. One viewer commented, “I was really hoping for something 10/08/04-03/05/05,” and “Idk what I was hoping for.”  As the mugshot wasn’t close to her teenage years, we think Stewart really did understand — and nail — the assignment.

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