Mars Just Dropped New Ice Cream Flavors For Candy Fans

Mars Just Dropped New Ice Cream Flavors For Candy Fans

No matter if you’re craving dark chocolate with almonds, cookie batter, or cookies and crème flavors, MarsWith the launch of three new flavors, has you covered. “We believe that offering new varieties and flavours of icecream to fans can create more moments of joy, joy, and togetherness. This is why we have paired our delicious flavors. Mars IceCream with some of the most iconic brands in the MarsPortfolios like DOVE and M&M’S as well as TWIX. We are excited to offer our new products that will provide a great at-home icecream experience that is available all year. Jayesh Sharma said. Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director (via a press release sent to Mashed). The first three varieties have been on shelves. However, they will be available nationally starting March 2023. 

ForM&M Cookies is a multi-textured treat. Cream Ice CreamCookies Sandwiches come in either a 4-pack of individual packaging or as a whole. DOVE Mini Sticks Vanilla Ice Cream with Dark Chocolate and Almonds come with premium chocolatey goodness in packs of six. The TWIX Cookie Dough is targeted at coookie dough and TWIX lovers. Ice CreamComes in a 16-ounce container Pint with chopped up TWIX bars, cookie bites, and vanilla Ice Cream with a Caramel swirl. It is safe to say that any kind of icecream will be a success drop for large corporations like MarsWrigley is especially popular when it’s associated to a popular chocolate candy, such as M&M’s or DOVE, or TWIX. 

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