Made In’s bakeware set is now available in two stylish new color options

Made In's bakeware set is now available in two stylish new color options

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We all agree that pretty bakeware is useless if it doesn’t work. But with Made In you get both! The new color options are handcrafted in France and are made from high-fired enameled clay, creating durable parts that are also resistant to thermal shock. Translation: Put them in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave, or even the oven (up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit) without having to worry about anything cracking on you. The dishes are also ideal for warming up casseroles or gratins straight from the refrigerator without having to bring them to room temperature first. And when you’re done, put them in the dishwasher or wash them by hand with ease as the enameled surface is naturally non-stick.

While you can buy the pieces individually because of their versatility and stunning looks, you should go for the three piece set that gives you the best value for money! In the end, not only will you save an additional $ 28 on set, but they’ll solve pretty much all of your baking needs and look stunning any time of the year. (I mean, can you picture that autumnal apple crunchy or that Christmas table landscape with those colors?) But in case you need anything else to convince you, remember that Riddley called Made In Bakeware a “worthwhile investment”. Can you really say no to whether it’s one dish or all three with these sleek new colors?

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