Made In Launches Limited Edition This little goat chef’s knife

Made In Launches Limited Edition This little goat chef's knife

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A good chef’s knife is the MVP of every kitchen. It should be such a joy that you actually look forward to slicing ripe tomatoes, chopping onions, chopping garlic, dicing chicken … well, you get the drift. It’s one of those tools that you can never have too many of. If you look at your drawer and think, “There is definitely room for another new knife,” then we have good news for you. Made In has just launched a limited edition chef’s knife that looks just as beautiful as it is functional.

Now back to that beauty of a knife specially designed to celebrate chef Stephanie Izard and her condiment and sauce line, This Little Goat. It offers all the functions of the brand’s classic 8-inch chef’s knife, but with one unique detail: a gorgeous handle in a vibrant Belize blue. Oh, and “That Little Goat” is engraved on the blade to remind you how special your knife is every time you pull it out of your tool drawer.

The blade is fully and fully forged, which means that the knife was made from nitrogen-treated stainless steel by heating and hammering a single stick. Translation: It’s razor sharp and incredibly durable. And just like the other Made In knives, this limited edition version was expertly made by fifth generation knife makers in Thiers, France.

If you need a new chef’s knife for everyday use or still have space in your drawer, get this knife now while you can. Because once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever.

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