Local veteran asks for understanding during NYE celebrations

Local veteran asks for understanding during NYE celebrations

TAMPA, Fla. — While many people look forward to New Year’s Eve celebrationsFireworks can have a serious impact on veterans’ mental health. They often remind them of the war.

Mike Hays, a local fighting officer veteranHe claimed that loud fireworks cause distressing events to be on the battlefield. He is asking for understanding.

“I was in duringThe first Gulf ’89 to around ’92. Hays stated that she joined the National Guard artillery regiment later.

Hays suffers from PTSD and terrifying memories after he was wounded in war.

It’s not the large mortar rounds that are bothering me, they’re too big. He added that they are so close to my home, it makes me feel numb.

Hays claimed that the fireworks for July 4th were lit six months ago forIt took five hours to complete and was very traumatizing.

“When I hear an unanticipated loud noise, I get a flashback to one of my closest friends being blown up by the grenade. He said that it happens every time and that it has been for many years.

Loud fireworks not only affect combat veterans, but also those with autism and certain pets.

“We also care for several animals around here. Hays explained that the problem is with the animals getting scared and they have to be found later.

Hays’s Dec. 31 request is forIt is illegal for people to set off fireworks in areas where they are not allowed by their neighbors.

“Noises such as this, especially fireworks remind us of war. They are a reminder of war. It’s that simple.

Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or click here for 24/7 support.

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