Law enforcement gun is ‘the most dangerous pistol sold in the United States’

Law enforcement gun is 'the most dangerous pistol sold in the United States'

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — Another lawsuit filed against gun manufacturer Sig Sauer alleges a handgun popular among theLaw and military enforcement isIt is defective dangerous.

ABC Action News reported the first time about theAfter a Tampa Policeman sued, issue last theManufacturer, claiming the gunHe was not pulled from the chair. thePermanent injury can be caused by a trigger

Thursday morning, 20 plaintiffs filed a new lawsuit containing similar allegations. This includes three from the Tampa Bay region.

Bob Northrup, a Tampa Police Officer who was formerly employed as a security officer at a ballgame, sued Sig sauer last year. He claimed his P320 military weapon was accidentally discharged.

“As soon as I touched my gun, it went off. When it happened, I didn’t know if someone was shooting at me or what had happened, but it just scared the devil out of me,”Northrup added.

A hollow-point bullet blew apart bones inSurgery was performed on his ankle and leg, as well as rods, screws and rehabilitation.

A lawsuit filed inFederal court Thursday ruled that his case wasn’t isolated.

This complaint concerns 20 plaintiffs from across the country. the country.

ABC Action News Sig Sauer Lawsuit

“There are hundreds of departments throughout the country who are using the Sig-Sauer P-320 and based upon the information and evidence we’ve uncovered, we believe that this is the most dangerous pistol in the country,”Robert Zimmerman, Attorney for Robert Zimmerman. thePlaintiffs in the complaint.

The suit alleges “the Sig Sauer P320 is the most dangerous pistol for its users sold in the United States market.”

It asserts that thePlaintiffs in the lawsuit were ”lied to and let down by Sig Sauer, falling victim to the dangerously designed and manufactured P320.”

The plaintiffs in the most recent lawsuit include a Tampa Police Officer, a Pasco County s Sheriff’s Deputy and a St. Petersburg civilian.

They claim all Sig Sauer P320s worked without them pulling the trigger.

According to theAll of them sustained life-altering injuries, according to complaint

“We have additional clients whose cases have not yet been filed. There are literally over 100 incidents that we know of where the gun has fired without the user wanting it to. And that’s just unacceptable in this day and age,”Zimmerman,

We reached out the Tampa Police Department, Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and Sig Sauer.

We didn’t receive any statements in response to Thursday’s lawsuit by our deadline.

In response to Northrup’s lawsuit, theA document was filed by company stating that it “denies that it engaged in any misconduct and that the firearm…was defective.”

Samantha Piatt, Director Communications and Media Relations, SIG SAUER, Inc., responded to our inquiry theRecently filed lawsuit

“The P320 is designed to fire when the trigger is pulled. It includes internal safeties that prevent the firearm from discharging without a trigger pull. The NH complaint is claiming the short, light trigger pull of the P320 necessitates an external manual safety to protect against a discharge resulting from accidental or unintended trigger actuation. However, the trigger pull force of the P320 is consistent with industry practice, and SIG offers P320 models with a manual safety, providing its customers the opportunity to choose if their P320 should include a manual safety or not based on individual preferences. Some customers, including many law enforcement agencies, believe that inclusion of a manual safety is a detriment to the safe and reliable use of a pistol given their intended use. Other customers take the opposite view, given their intended use. Giving the customer a choice and an opportunity to exercise their philosophy of use with respect to the firearm they purchase is common amongst manufacturers in the firearms industry.”Piatt.

Northrup’s case is still ongoing.

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