Latest Injury Updates in NFL Week 10: Bengals WRs status, Steelers star safety sidelined, Stefon Diggs ready to play

NFL Week 10 Injuries: Latest Updates on Bengals WRs; Steelers Down Star Safety; Stefon Diggs Good to Go

The NFL Week 10 was marked with several key injuries that impacted the performance of various teams. This article aims to provide the latest updates on the injuries and their potential implications for the teams involved. From the Cincinnati Bengals’ wide receivers, to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ star safety, and the status of Stefon Diggs, we will cover the most significant injuries in this action-packed week of football.

1. Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receivers Sidelined

The Cincinnati Bengals, who had been relying heavily on their talented wide receiving corps, suffered a blow in Week 10 as both Tee Higgins and Auden Tate were sidelined with injuries. Higgins, the promising rookie receiver, was dealing with a hamstring injury that forced him to miss the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, while Tate had a shoulder injury. These injuries proved costly for the Bengals, as they struggled to find offensive rhythm without two of their top targets.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers Down Star Safety

The Pittsburgh Steelers, who were aiming to extend their unbeaten streak, faced a setback in Week 10 as their star safety, Minkah Fitzpatrick, suffered a minor knee injury during practice. While the injury wasn’t severe, it kept Fitzpatrick out of the game against the Cincinnati Bengals as a precautionary measure. Although the Steelers managed to secure a victory, Fitzpatrick’s absence was noticeable, with their defense not performing at the same level without his presence in the secondary.

3. Stefon Diggs Good to Go

In more positive news, the Buffalo Bills’ star wide receiver, Stefon Diggs, received good news on the injury front. After sustaining a minor ankle injury during the previous week’s game, Diggs received treatment throughout the week to ensure he would be ready for the matchup against the Arizona Cardinals. The extra attention paid off, as Diggs was able to play at full strength, contributing significantly to the Bills’ offensive success. His presence on the field proved crucial in helping the team secure a crucial victory in a high-scoring affair.

4. Bengals’ Struggle Without Key Receivers

With Tee Higgins and Auden Tate out with injuries, the Cincinnati Bengals faced notable difficulties in their passing game. Quarterback Joe Burrow, who had relied heavily on the pair’s abilities to make plays, was left with limited options. The lack of depth in the receiving corps affected the Bengals’ offensive production, leaving them with a one-dimensional approach that was easier to defend against. This loss highlighted the importance of having a healthy and strong receiving group to support their young quarterback.

5. Steelers Defense Adjusts without Fitzpatrick

Despite missing Minkah Fitzpatrick, one of their defensive stars, the Pittsburgh Steelers were still able to showcase their defensive prowess. While Fitzpatrick’s absence was noticeable, the team adjusted their defensive schemes and managed to contain the Cincinnati Bengals’ offense. The Steelers’ depth and versatility on defense came to the forefront, with players stepping up to fill the void left by Fitzpatrick. Although they were able to secure a victory in Week 10, the Steelers will eagerly await Fitzpatrick’s return to strengthen their defense for future matchups.

6. Diggs’ Resurgence Key for Bills

Stefon Diggs has quickly become the focal point of the Buffalo Bills’ offense. His ability to consistently make big plays and serve as a reliable target for quarterback Josh Allen has been instrumental in the team’s success this season. Despite the injury scare in Week 9, Diggs proved his resilience and determination by rebounding quickly and making a significant impact in Week 10. With his ankle injury behind him, Diggs’ presence on the field brings confidence and stability to the Bills’ passing attack, making him an integral part of their game plan moving forward.


The NFL Week 10 showcased the impact injuries can have on teams’ performances. The Cincinnati Bengals struggled without their key wide receivers, the Pittsburgh Steelers had to adjust their defense without their star safety, and the Buffalo Bills breathed a sigh of relief as Stefon Diggs overcame his ankle injury. These developments serve as a reminder of the importance of a well-rounded and healthy team in the quest for success in the NFL.

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