Kourtney Kardashian Tries On Her Wedding Dress for the First Time

Kourtney Kardashian Tries On Her Wedding Dress for the First Time

Kourtney KardashianTo try on her custom-made wedding dress, she flew to Italy for the first time before her wedding to Travis Barker—and BAZAAR.com got theExclusive first look theIt was a magical moment.

In theVideo, which was filmed forHulu’s The Kardashians KourtneyIs seen trying to on theDress and veil in Dolce & Gabbana’s Milan offices, with Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana and Stephanie Shepherd, best friend.

Once the mode is on, Kris Jenner FaceTimes Kris Jenner to show Kris Jenner how it looks.

“Isn’t it cool?” It’s too short to see me. KourtneyShe turns and says the camera to the dress.

Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda’s unique minidress is inspired by Italian lingerie. It features a silky corseted bodice, lace detailing and a silky bodice. KourtneyStyled the piece with a dramatic, hand-embroidered veil featuring floral lace appliqués meant to mimic by theFlowers of theNearby Portofino Gardens and a large portrayion theVirgin Mary with the words family, loyalty, and respect—theTravis’s tattoos inspired the words and image. She was done. theUnexpected bridal look with tulle opera glove and white lace pumps

Kris’s eldest daughter, Kris, tells Kris after seeing her in. the dress. “You look like a little doll. Kourt, this is so sweet. You look absolutely stunning. I wanna cry.”

The camera then captures a glimpse. KourtneyKris can be seen on Kris’s phone screen speaking from her bathroom.

“I never imagined I’d be naked looking at you in your wedding dress.” the shower,” the momager jokes.

“I love and cherish you honey. I wish you a wonderful day. theShe says that the best time is always now.

“We are. You are my love. We’ll send pictures.” Kourtney replies.

The assistant then shows Kourtney theDolce & Gabbana sketch of their design forShe says she loves her.

“Are You Happy?” KourtneyDani Michelle asks Dani Michelle about her stylist.

“Yeah!” thePoosh founder Responds

KourtneyThen, he hugs Domenico. for the beautiful piece.

“I believe he made it perfect. “I’m super happy,” she says to her entourage.

Looking at her friend the dress, Stephanie gets emotional.

“I can’t believe … I was like, ‘Oh, my god, she’s in her wedding dress.’ I never imagined I’d see that. theDay,” she said.

“I know,I know,” KourtneySmiles. “I never thought … there would be a reason.”

Kourtney—who dated theScott Disick is the father of her three children. forIt was almost 10 years since the fall. for Travis—previously said she never even considered getting married until she began dating her now husband. After less than a year of being friends, the two got engaged in October 2021. They were married in a lavish Portofino ceremony in May 2022. This was after a spontaneous Las Vegas ceremony that was hilariously improvised. KourtneyIt was something she can’t remember and it ended up not being officially. They are now trying to expand their blended family.

Episode 208, “I Never Thought” I’d See theDay,” by The Kardashians, premieres on Hulu Thursday, November 10.

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