King Charles, with ‘profound sorrow,’ addresses a nation mourning its Queen

King Charles, with 'profound sorrow,' addresses a nation mourning its Queen

King Charles III, in his first public address as Britain’s new monarch, said he feels “‘profound sorrow” at the death of the Queen and vowed to continue his mother’s “lifelong service.”

In a tribute lasting around nine minutes, Charles said he shares the “great sadness of so many” and a sense of loss that is “beyond measure.”

Charles’s recorded speech was broadcast on television and streamed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where about 2,000 people, including U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss and other senior ministers, attended aService of remembrance

Charles, who became monarch on Thursday following the death of his mother, will be formally recognized as king. aSaturday special ceremony

After aSeparate Vigil in Edinburgh Queen’s coffin will be brought to London, and she will lie in state for several days before her funeral in Westminster Abbey.

“In aVery little aThis week, we will get together as a nationAs aCommonwealth and indeed a global community, to lay my beloved mother to rest,” the new king said in his address.

KingSpeaks of his ‘darling Mama’

“In our sorrows, let’s remember and draw strength form the light of her example,” said he.

“On behalf all of my family, I want to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude for your support and condolences. They are more important to me than anything I could ever express.”

“And to my darling Mama, as you embark on your last great journey to be with my dear late Papa, I just want to say thank you. We are grateful for your love and dedication to our family, and the families of nations that you have so faithfully served all these years. King said.

“May the ‘flights’ of Angels bring you to your rest.” 

KingCharles III gave his first speech in Britain as Britain’s new monarch at Buckingham Palace’s Blue Drawing Room. He stated that he would strive to serve. with”Loyalty and respect” are the three pillars of love. (Reuters)

Senior legislators on Saturday will take an oath to King Charles III as the new monarch.

Truss spoke earlier in the day at the start aSpecial session of Parliament to pay tribute to the Queen. Truss called Elizabeth “the” nation”The greatest diplomat” and stated that her dedication to duty was an example for everyone.

The U.K. leader said Elizabeth’s death has caused a”Heartfelt outpourings of grief” in Britain, and all over the world.

Truss was appointed officially by the QueenJust two days before her passing, she was found dead on Tuesday. The prime minister said that she generously shared the wealth at the meeting. with”Her deep experience in government, even in the last days, has been invaluable to me.”

Normal business has been suspended in Parliament. Legislators will spend two days sharing their memories and reflections about the event. QueenShe died at her Balmoral home in Scotland on Thursday, after seven decades on top.

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British prime minister pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth

At aA special session of Parliament to pay tribute to the British Parliament QueenElizabeth Truss, Prime Minister Liz Truss, calls her “one of the greatest leaders that the world has ever seen.”

“The British people, Commonwealth and all of us here in this House will support him while he moves our country forward.” aTruss said that a new era of hope is upon us.

“The Crown endures. nationLasts and in this spirit, I say, “God save the!” King.'”

96-gun salute 

Charles and Camilla, his wife. QueenAfter leaving Balmoral, Consort arrived in London on Friday. He was to meet withFriday afternoon’s country started with the Prime Minister taking on his official duties for the first-time. itsOfficial mourning period.

On Friday, he was taken to London by an official Rolls-Royce. As the car arrived at Buckingham Palace, a large crowd cheered.

He got out of his car to greet all the well-wishers, and to look at the large pile of floral tributes left in honor of his mother. Some were called “Thanks, Charles” or “Well done Charlie!” He shook hands withThe crowd. Some shouted “God Save the!” King!”

Bells tolled throughout Britain, in London, and at military sites across Britain. Special guns fired 96 shots during a 16-minute salute that marked each year of the observance. Queen’s life.

Front Burner25:13QueenElizabeth at the end a great empire

QueenElizabeth assumed the throne when she was 25 years old, and remained there until her death in 2005. As far back as the early days of history, QueenElizabeth fought withThe British Empire is transformed into a Commonwealth withNation self-determination is more common. In recent years, however, there has been a rise in self-determination. QueenAlso ruled through the deaths of Princess Diana and numerous scandals in the royal family, as well as political upheavals such Brexit. Today, Carolyn Harris is a royal historian. aLook back at the history of Queen dealt with aColonial legacy and aYou can look forward to the future and see how the monarchy could evolve without her.

Elizabeth was Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. aIndicator of constancy aIt was a turbulent time that saw the fall of the British Empire and the disarray within her family.

Keir Starmer, Labour Party Leader in Parliament, offered condolences for the Royal Family during their private grief and paraphrased the late British poet Philip Larkin.

“It feels like, we are once again in aMoment in history when, Larkin said, things are “growing strange”, where everything is spinning, and the nationRequires aStarmer stated that there was still a point.

Starmer added that Starmer was right, “the late.” QueenWould like us to double our efforts, to put our collar up, face the storm and carry on.

‘The foundation for my life’

Hundreds of people came through the night to drop flowers at Buckingham Palace, the London residence of the monarch, or to simply pause to reflect.

Giles Cudmore, a finance worker, said that QueenHad “just been” a”Constant through all things, every good and every bad.”

“She’s just been a foundation of my life, and the country,” he stated.

WATCH l Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022:

QueenElizabeth is buried at 96

QueenElizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch of British history, has passed away. Margaret Evans, a CBC journalist, has reported that Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in British history has died. aLook at her life and legacy.

Everyday politics was put aside. withOver two days, lawmakers will pay tribute to the monarch at Parliament starting at noon. Numerous cultural and sporting events were cancelled. a mark of respect, and some businesses — including Selfridges department store and the Legoland amusement park — shut their doors.

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, said: QueenBritain and the entire world saw an “enormous shift” after’s passing.

He stated, “An aspect of our lives we have taken for granted as being eternal is no longer there.”

As the second Elizabethan Age began, aThe BBC played God Save the Queen’s National Anthem on Thursday close to the end. QueenThe over aPortrait of the monarch, in her full regalia, as her death was announced. Buckingham Palace saw the flag at half-staff. In one of the many shifts that would follow, Friday’s anthem was God Save the Queen. King.

Britain’s KingCharles III and Camilla, his wife QueenOn Friday, Consort and Survey paid tributes to Buckingham Palace along the fence. Charles was also welcomed by many well-wishers and onlookers. (Maja Smiejkowska/Reuters)

On Tuesday, Elizabeth presided at aCeremony at Balmoral Castle to accept Boris Johnson’s resignation as prime minister and appoint Truss his successor.

In aJohnson spoke Thursday to mourn Elizabeth, calling her “in many aspects, the most noble monarch in our history.” However, Johnson stated that Charles was her “heir to her throne” and would “amplely do justice her legacy and whose sense of duty is in line with the best traditions his mother and his nation.” – * Source link

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