King Charles pays tribute to late mother, champions Elizabeth’s ‘faith in people’ in 1st Christmas address

King Charles pays tribute to late mother, champions Elizabeth's 'faith in people' in 1st Christmas address

King CharlesPaid tribute toHis lateMother Queen Elizabeth inHis first Christmas addressAs monarch, she champions her belief inIt is the community and those who embrace its values inIt’s not easy.

“ChristmasThis is a very difficult time for anyone who has lost loved ones.” CharlesIt was spoken from Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel. 

“We feel their loss at every familiar turn and we remember them inEvery cherished edition

Elizabeth, Britain’s longest-serving monarch has died inSeptember, 96 years after seven decades of service to the throne. CharlesShe was succeeded by 74-year-old Cathy, Canada’s sovereign and head of state.

“In O Little Town of Bethlehem we sing of how it is.inHe said, “Thy dark streets shineth an everlasting light.”

“My mother’s belief in the power of that light was an essential part of … her faith in people. This is a sentiment I truly share.

CharlesContinued toPraise those who “touch, using goodness and compassion”, the lives of others, including teachers and health-care workers. toThat belief.

“At this time of great anxiety and hardship — be it for those around the world facing conflict, famine or natural disaster — or for those at home finding ways toWe pay their bills, keep their families warm, and we see. [the power of light] inWe are all touched by the humanity of the peoples in our nations and Commonwealth who so readily respond to our calls toThe plights of others.” – * Source link

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