Inside a German climate protest — as COP27 nears

Inside a German climate protest — as COP27 nears

Nothing is ever foreign27:46Inside a German climate protest — as COP27 nears

We take you inside the preparations of one environmental activist group this week. a protestTo better understand the controversy surrounding the brazen activist tactics in the climate movement.

The UN climateConference COP27Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt, will host the event starting Sunday. 

The UN Climate Change Conference 2022 COP27Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt) will host the event from Nov. 6-18. (GIC ARICCA/Twitter)

Activists across Europe are using aVarious disruptive and brazen strategies to draw attention to the issue climate crisis.

They have thrown soup and mashed potatoes at famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh or Claude Monet and glued themselves to them. aBerlin’s Natural History Museum has a dinosaur display. They have also caused traffic jams in London, causing major commuter delays.

Two protesters were seen throwing canned soup at Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting Sunflowers at London’s National Gallery on October 14. (Just Stop Oil/The Associated Press).

Some have expressed anger at these disruptive tactics, asking if they help or harm the fight against terrorism. climate change.


  • Gilbert Rossier, supporter of Extinction Rebellion.

  • Giordano Cioni, member of Extinction Rebellion’s German chapter.

  • Colin Davis, professor of psychology at the University of Bristol and longtime climate activist.

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