Immerse your self within the pool design for 2021

Immerse yourself in the pool design for 2021

Homeowners want and expect more from the pool area in 2021. It has to be a place to relax, a place where family and friends can be entertained, and at the same time a work of art. “The status quo is no longer good enough,” said Ryan Hughes, president and creative director of Ryan Hughes Design / Build. “People realize that a pool does more than just one function. It’s not just a place to swim. COVID has accelerated the trend. Now people are more at home and realizing how sacred it is to be outside. For all the craziness in the world, water can create a feeling of stillness and calm. “This is how the pool design professionals are helping homeowners relax in their own garden this year.

Hip to be square
When it comes to the shape of the pool, the kidney-shaped, rounded freeform pool is gone and homeowners are opting for a sleeker design. “People want more modern, clearer and more geometric lines,” says Toni Massey, sales manager for Olympus Pools. The area around the pool is also changing. “You want modern-looking, contiguous terraces. Travertine has always been popular, but now even more so. “

“Instead of a plaster finish, we use glass mosaic tiles to create a smooth, comfortable finish,” says Hughes. “Overflow pools with disappearing edges and outlines and design elements such as sunken fireplaces and sunken spas are very streamlined. They create some amazing reflections and can really make you feel at one with the water. “

Modern pools are meant to be usable, so designers like Olympus Pools prefer square shapes and multiple areas to relax and unwind. _PHOTO> OLYMPUS POOLS

“Homeowners invest in their pool area as an entertainment area, not just an element,” says Massey. “You want custom kitchens. Just as the kitchen is the heart of the house, the same concept applies to outdoor kitchens. Everyone wants to be together, so the space has to be functional [and allow] you should talk to each other. “

Ryan Hughes adds, “People are investing more in their outdoor kitchens because of their value [homeowners] I want to have the same resources as indoors. It’s more than just barbecuing. “Separate islands or bars for serving drinks and food, and fun features such as glass bars, shelves and living walls are just a few of the design elements Hughes homeowners ask for to make their outdoor space complete and unique.

Massey adds that most homeowners ask for sun shelves and shallow pools so that the entire pool can be used. “Most of the pools we build are 3 to 5 feet deep. People don’t want deep pools anymore. You don’t want to have to tread water. You want to be able to use the entire pool. “

“There’s a lot of science out there about water and wellbeing,” says Hughes. One of the best ways to relax is to pamper yourself in your spa. The typical pool spa has five to six jets and uncomfortable seating. However, Hughes says his company built variations with captain’s chairs, cup holders, glass tiles, and up to 50 nozzles.

“You are years beyond a traditional spa,” he says. “Now it’s a therapeutic spa where people can really relax and unwind.”

“It’s instantly relaxing when you’re in and around the water,” adds Hughes. In addition, all of the factors involved in designing a pool can add to the feeling of relaxation that you would experience on a vacation away from home. “We use the same theories and designs as resorts, but in a residential setting.”

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