I am a registered nutritionist and this is what I do every time I make rice

I am a registered nutritionist and this is what I do every time I make rice

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My family eats so much rice. Whether we enjoy it as a base for lunch or dinner in the bowl, as a filler in our old-school tomato soup recipe, or even in pudding form (side note: who doesn’t love rice pudding?), We’re a bonafide travel-loving family.

My favorite variety is whole grain brown rice, while my husband and daughter prefer the flavor of white rice. Regardless of what type I cook, I always use a little trick when making rice as a side dish.

I cook my rice with Pacific Foods organic unsalted bone broth, which adds fat, flavor, and protein to the end product. Made from simple, organic, high-quality ingredients, this broth is my secret for rice, which is a little tastier and richer in protein.

It’s a simple one-for-one swap – for every cup of rice, I use one cup of bone broth (instead of one cup of water). It’s a small swap that makes a big difference. One serving of this broth contains a whopping 9 grams of protein (while water contains 0!). This bone broth also has good fats, added potassium, and other important minerals. Plus, it gives the rice an extra zip in the flavor section that I love and that no one in my household has complained about (a win!).

While this is our favorite, Pacific has a number of other options, including organic free range chicken and beef, and even low-sodium options (we use the unsalted version though!). Sometimes I turn it on and use the Pacific Organic Mushroom Broth for a vegan option, or the Pacific Beef Broth if we want a richer flavor. No matter which strain I use, the one-to-one ratio remains the same.

This little trick doesn’t require any extra effort, but I look forward to making (and eating) a large pot of rice.

What’s your favorite travel trick?

Lauren Manaker


Lauren Manaker is an award-winning dietitian, book author, and freelance writer based in Charleston, South Carolina. She has an unusual love for bottled water and loves to keep up with the latest healthy food trends.

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