Hurricane Ian’s floodwaters could lead to worse algal blooms

Hurricane Ian's floodwaters could lead to worse algal blooms

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. — Hurricane Ian’sIn many places, flooding was caused by a destructive path. There are many other things that can be done. toYou need to clean up any pieces that are left, or you might find that the water is combining together. could lead to harmful algal blooms.

ABC Action News has more information toFlorida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). to talk toBarry Rosen is a scientist who studies bacteria that creates blue-green algae.

His lab informed us that the possibility of a blue green bloom was technically possible.

“It might or may not. It’s not an easy thing toYou know exactly what is happening to happen, [with]He said that the mixture of compounds flowed in with hurricanes.”

He isn’t convinced, however, that it will be possible due to the specific combination of nutrients and light required toBe there to bloom.

He adds that blue-green algae is a season dependent on the type of bacteria. bloomsIt’s almost over.

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“They should just be about gone now because they enjoy warm weather,” he stated.

But what Dr. Rosen said is that some of the leftover bacteria—under the right conditions—couldYou can become food for another, equally dangerous bloom: the red tide.

A few labs are located at FGCU. Dr. Mike Parsons is and his team work hard toEstablish a post-hurricane analysis for local waters.

He said it was important to ABC Action News toNotice the tiny red tide bloomsThis time of the year is every year.

Dr. Parsons explained that it happens almost like a clockwork.

Hurricanes can cause havoc. worse.

“When you looked at HurricaneIrma, 2017, I believe it was on September 10, 2017. [the]Red tide bloomed a few years ago [of]It continued for weeks, but it got worse and lasted longer. So the question was not ‘Did Irma create red tide?’ But, “Did it exacerbate it?” Dr. Parsons agreed.

As they work toTrack Ian’sDr. Parsons said that impact is possible but not certain why.

“I think it is too soon,” toThey say that there is a correlation. He said that he believes it to be at most coincidental. – * Source link

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