How to Properly Use Your Spoon for Eating Soup

The Proper Way To Use Your Spoon When Eating Soup

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm bowl of soup on a chilly day. However, many people struggle with using a spoon properly when it comes to enjoying their soup. Whether it’s the wrong grip or the lack of etiquette, using the proper technique can significantly enhance your dining experience. In this article, we will guide you through the correct way to use your spoon when eating soup, ensuring that you can savor every spoonful with grace and ease.

1. Grip the spoon correctly

The first step in mastering the art of using a spoon for soup is to grip it correctly. Hold the handle of the spoon with your dominant hand, similar to how you would hold a pencil. Place your index finger on top of the handle and let your other fingers rest naturally beneath. This grip offers better control and prevents the spoon from slipping out of your hand while you enjoy your soup.

2. Scoop from the side of the bowl

When it’s time to take a spoonful of soup, always scoop from the side of the bowl, moving the spoon towards the center. Avoid inserting the spoon directly into the middle of the bowl, as this may cause the soup to spill over the edge. Instead, gently glide the spoon along the edge of the bowl, picking up a carefully measured amount of soup each time.

3. Lift the spoon to your mouth

After scooping up a spoonful of soup, lift the spoon to your mouth without slurping or making unnecessary noise. Keep your wrist steady to ensure that no soup drips from the spoon onto the table or your lap. Take small, controlled sips from the side of the spoon, allowing the flavors to coat your tongue and fully enjoy the warmth and richness of the soup.

4. Use the spoon to gather the soup laden with toppings

Some soups come with delicious toppings, such as croutons or vegetables. To fully experience all the components, use the spoon to gather a small amount of soup along with these toppings. This allows you to enjoy the various textures and flavors in one delightful bite. Be mindful while scooping to ensure that all the ingredients stay on the spoon and don’t fall back into the bowl.

5. Stir your soup when necessary

If you find that the ingredients in your soup have settled to the bottom, it’s perfectly acceptable to use your spoon to gently stir the contents. This helps distribute the flavors more evenly and ensures that you get a taste of every component with each spoonful. However, avoid vigorous stirring, as this may cause splashing or spilling of hot soup that could lead to an unfortunate accident.

6. Maintain good table etiquette

While using your spoon to savor your soup, it’s crucial to maintain good table etiquette. Avoid slurping your soup or making loud noises while eating, as this can disrupt the dining experience for others. Additionally, remember to hold the spoon properly throughout the meal, resisting the temptation to grasp it like a shovel or pointer. By practicing excellent table manners, you’ll not only enjoy your soup but also create a pleasant environment for those around you.


Soup offers a delightful combination of flavors, warmth, and comfort. By mastering the proper way to use your spoon when eating soup, you can enhance your dining experience and fully appreciate every mouthful. From gripping the spoon correctly to scooping from the side of the bowl and maintaining good table etiquette, each step plays a role in ensuring a satisfying meal. So, the next time you indulge in a bowl of delicious soup, remember these tips and enjoy the delightful experience in a graceful and effortless manner.

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