Holmes Beach residents file lawsuit over beach access

Holmes Beach residents file lawsuit over beach access

HOLMES BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) — Last month some residentsLiving on 78th Street Holmes BeachWe were shocked to discover the beach access they’d been using for years was blocked off.

8 On Your Side was informed by neighbors in April that two private homeowners had posted a notice at the end the street. “private property”And “keep out”There are signs at the entrance of the walkway that indicate residentsVisitors and residents have used it for many decades. They tried to contact the city officials, but they were unsuccessful. Last month the city’s mayor described the issue as a “private property dispute.”

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“We just don’t understand why this happened and we are not able to get the help and support from the local governments like the city of Holmes Beach to give us the access that has been well documented,” said 78th Street resident Allen Kluz. “Unfortunately, because there is no support that we are getting from the city, we have pursued our own legal action. We have retained a lawyer to really help drive this process of getting us our legal rights back to the beach access.”

The lawsuitThe property owners who put up the signs and then blocked the access were rebuked beach accessFriday, May 20, in Manatee County. The suit alleges that homeowners at the end claimed falsely the property. “exclusive ownership of the beach access”The public and other property owners were also deprived accessTo the Gulf of Mexico

The lawsuitA public display of appreciation is also highlighted beach accessSite where the Florida Department of Environmental Protection lists Street 78 as Have “full access”Public.

A spokesperson said 8 On Your Side “DEP has an ongoing investigation into these claims.”

8 On Your Side also talked with one the plaintiffs in this case lawsuitWho owns a house a few houses back in the long-term? access point.

“Quite honestly, I didn’t understand it,”John Carmon spoke. “That path is located on the Florida beach access map as a public beach access. We understood that from the time we purchased the home 12 years ago.”

Carmon explained why the blockage was necessary accessHis family is greatly affected. His wife, who has health problems and is on oxygen 24 hours a day, is unable. accessThe sand. He said her mobility isn’t what it used to be.

“She could certainly go to the beach with her portable oxygen, you know, where we are. This was very troubling for us to not be able to have that,”Carmon. “It was a whole way of life for our family. It was the whole reason we purchased the property.”

An attorney representing one of the defendants in the lawsuitMonday, he told 8 on Your Side that he could not comment because his clients are still waiting to be served. lawsuit.

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