GrapeStars Adds Wines and Spirits Industry Leader, Abbott Wolfe

GrapeStars Adds Wines and Spirits Industry Leader, Abbott Wolfe

One of alcohol industry’s most successful leaders, Abbott Wolfe,This is the official website of GrapeStarsAs President of the newly formed division GrapeStars Brands.

He has spent almost his entire career working with the biggest companies in the world. andThe most successful alcohol beverage businesses WolfeNow, he brings his worldwide experience in creating andGrowing wine and spirits and beer brands to GrapeStars.  Most recently, he was CEO of Avaline. The celebrity brand started by Cameron Diaz. andKatherine Power.  He transformed Avaline into one the fastest-growing companies. andWell-known wine brands will enter the US retail market andDTC market over the past 2 years.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz for Avaline Wines

Prior to Avaline Abbott WolfeCopper Cane, Napa’s luxury wine company, experienced a tremendous growth. andSpend time in global companies such as Gallo and Diageo and Constellation.  Over the course of his career, he has successfully launched over 100 brands whose current value exceeds $500 Million.

Celebrities can do just about anything these days, even beauty. andFrom fashion products to wines and spirits. And consumers can’t get enough, with celebrity-backed items largely out performing some more traditional brands, particularly thanks to the rise of immense influence these celebrities wield.

Celebrities are increasingly stepping into the alcohol industry, making it more difficult for fans to find these brands in local stores. andCelebrities can also become frustrated by constant jockeying for limited opportunities. andHighly competitive retail shelf space. Which is why when it comes to getting today’s hottest celebrity produced wines andOver 200 celebrity-based brands put spirits front and center for consumers. GrapeStarsTo help you sell andMarket their products.


GrapeStars’ proprietary app, available on the App Store and Google Play, allows for a direct-to-consumer sales channel to help celebrities monetize their brand — no need to drive from store-to-store just to track down the hottest celebrity releases.

And Wolfe’s experience on how to create and bring a new brand to market — or help accelerate the growth of an existing brand — will be invaluable to both celebrities and GrapeStars.  Celebrities will find this division invaluable. It provides one-stop shopping for branding, marketing and sourcing. and production, route-to-market guidance andA path to rapidly monetizing their brand. As the leader of this new division, WolfeIt is also a strategic adviser GrapeStars Entertainment.

Abbott Wolfe

“Celebrities have played a very important role in creating new and exciting brands in the alcohol space.  With the success at Avaline, I could not be more excited to now join GrapeStars and help celebrities create, support and sell their brand,” Abbott Wolfe.

Gonzalo Gonzalez

“As an early investor and marketing partner since its inception, I’m thrilled to learn that Abbott Wolfe is joining GrapeStars. His experience aligns perfectly with our business priorities, and that will allow him to focus his efforts, with great clarity, on the taking GrapeStars to the next level. I’m looking forward to working with Abbott on very successful campaigns soon.” – Gonzalo J. Gonzalez, Managing Partner at BVK

Kevin Harrington

“Over my career, I’ve invested in numerous companies and the most important thing fueling success are the brilliant minds leading the growth behind the brand. I’ve always believed in the vision of JJ and his partners, and now with the addition of Abbott Wolfe I’m proud and excited to see the brand’s exponential growth.” – Kevin Harrington, Inventor of the Infomercial, Shark on Shark Tank, Fortune 100 Investor and Philanthropist

Kevin Harrington is one the main pioneers of the “As Seen On TV” Industry. AsSeenOnTV Inc. Kevin has launched over 1000 products in more than 100 countries, in dozens languages, and generated over $6 billion in global sales. Harrington shares his optimism about the future of Harrington. GrapeStars.


Jean Jean and Robert Pelletier

“As entrepreneurs, we have a vision to continuously add growth. To have a quality person with the experience in the alcohol industry like Abbott is a cherry on top for GrapeStars. On behalf of our investors and the entire GrapeStars team we’re proud to have Abbott push our company to new heights.” — Brothers Jean Jean andRobert Pelletier is one of the co-founders GrapeStars


“GrapeStars has been a tremendous partner for a360media (parent company of In Touch) and continues to make strides in connecting celebrities and their products with the consumers that adore them. We look forward to continuing to help bring their marketplace-leading innovations to the forefront as the celebrity-based product industry continues its unprecedented growth” — a360media

Shaq and Jean Jean

Jean Jean Pelletier, NBA Legend and Serial Entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal

Jean Jean and Marc Anthony

Jean Jean Pelletier and his fiancé Dayana Labrada with Global Superstar Performing Artist Marc Anthony

Stay tuned for more exciting developments GrapeStarsAs they continue to revolutionize celebrity marketing to consumers,



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