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Orlando is a hot spot for tourism in the United States thanks to central Florida theme parks including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. In fact, Orlando is the most visited travel destination in America! However, due to the ongoing pandemic, central Florida is struggling to cope with the aftermath of the tourism industry.

In the hope of revitalizing central Florida tourism, Visit Orlando has launched a new advertising campaign called The Wonder Remains.

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Photo credit: Universal Orlando Blog

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Here’s what Visit Orlando says about the new “The Wonder Remains” campaign:

Orlando has always been a happy, resourceful, and adventurous place. And it always will be. Now that our world has changed so much, you can comfort yourself in the familiar warmth of this friendly destination. Because no matter what, Orlando is still Orlando, full of fun memories to reconnect with what matters most.

The wonder awaits in Orlando with plenty of springtime excitement, over-the-top resorts, and unforgettable outdoor adventures. Our destination is filled with places to have fun in the open air, from our sprawling theme parks and attractions to numerous outdoor restaurants. Stay and save big with our Orlando deals, including special deals for Florida residents, and get cheap tickets during your stay.

The campaign website lists the many attractions in the Orlando area, including theme parks, water parks, hotels, outdoor activities, and more.

Universal Volcano BayPhoto credit: Universal Orlando Blog

Note that Visit Orlando also recognizes the risks associated with traveling in the pandemic. The following message appears on the official website:

Please Note: Any public place where people are present carries a risk of exposure to COVID-19 and there is no guarantee that you will not be exposed during your visit. In addition, with a few exceptions, Orange County requires the use of face masks in public places. Social distancing is also strongly encouraged, as recommended by the CDC. Some images on the website do not reflect current versions of the experience or updated operating or safety guidelines.

Tree of life animal kingdomPhoto credit: Disney

It is clear that Visit Orlando is hoping the new advertising campaign will bring more visitors to the area. “The Wonder Remains” is aimed at those who live in the Southeast and can easily drive to the Orlando area. Analysts have forecast a long and difficult road to recovery for the central Florida hotel industry.

This prediction doesn’t stop Universal, Disney, and other companies from opening new and exciting deals to attract more guests from the theme park. In fact, Disney is building and opening Flamingo Crossings, a brand new, master-planned shopping and dining center.

Disney Flaming Crossing MallPhoto credit: Disney

Next to Flamingo Crossings there is another new retail and mall between Universal and Disney, O-Town West. The new center is extremely convenient for visitors to the theme parks and features new restaurants in central Florida like the White Castle.

Below are concept art for O-Town West.

O-Town WestPhoto credit: Unicorp National

With this new Visit Orlando ad campaign, we’ll see what the year brings for Central Florida tourism.

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