Giada De Laurentiis’ Easiest Pasta Sauce Of All Time

Giada De Laurentiis' Easiest Pasta Sauce Of All Time

De Laurentiis’ pomodoro sauce also includes two unusual ingredients that are cooked in the sauce but removed before serving: carrots and cheese rind. The “Giada at Home” host typically uses carrots to sweeten pasta sauce, which balance out the acidity from the tomatoes without adding a sugary taste. The other ingredient is one of the two essential food byproducts that Italian chefs never throw away: the starchy water left behind after your pasta cooks, and the rinds from Parmesan cheese. “The rind is the key here,” De Laurentiis says on Giadzy. It takes sauce to the next level!

Instead of throwing out the Parmesan outside, DeLaurentiis keeps it in the freezer until required. For authentic Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to be considered authentic, it must have its rind from an Italian region that produces the cheese. Today’s Emmy Award-winning chef and cookbook author, Roberto Parmesan, said that Parmesan made here in the USA is not the exact same. 

After boiling the carrot and Parmesan skin with the tomatoes, DeLaurentiis removes the berries before pureeing it and serving it with pasta, grated Parmesan and rice. This is the same sauce. DeLaurentiis made an appearance in “The Simpsons” once.Giada”In Italy”, when she highlighted her childhood favorites. 

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