Get pleasure from all of the hen at Social Roost in downtown St. Pete

Enjoy all the chicken at Social Roost in downtown St. Pete

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida – PB&J Chicken Wings, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Parm, Chicken Cuban – if you are a fan of chicken dishes, check out this new restaurant in downtown St. Pete!

Teyonna Edwards / Taste and see Tampa Bay

Chicken Pot Pie

Opened in late 2020, Social Roost features global comfort dining inspired by the many trips of the co-owners and St. Pete Native people Rob Bowen and Jason Teabout.

“No matter what country we are in, wherever we are, we can always find a chicken dish …” said Teabout. “So we wanted to bring these back to the church we both grew up in.”

Some fan favorites are the chicken samosas, which are served with a Thai dipping sauce, the chicken tangine with strong North African flavors, and the Peruvian chicken, which has a warm taste profile and is served with rice and beans, sweet plantains, citrus pico and pio Pio sauce.


Teyonna Edwards / Taste and see Tampa Bay

Peruvian chicken

While the main focus is on chicken, there are plenty of other delicious options such as steak, scallops, salads, and more. You can check the full menu online.


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Curry mussels

The cocktails go hand in hand with Social Roost’s menu with creative flavors and artistic presentations. There are also a variety of tequila and mezcal options.

“A delicious meal always brings back memories of great cocktails,” said Bowen. “I really think you should try everything on the menu for a drink and a bite to eat and they go perfectly with this space we have here.”

Are you struggling to choose the perfect cocktail? Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Jet Setter – rum in the coconut cartel, spiced pineapple, nonino amaro, cinnamon, lime
  • The Diplomat – Vago Elote Mezcal, Campari, Punt Y Mes, St. George Nola’s coffee, mole bitter, smoke
  • Social Butterfly – Empress Gin, Chinola Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orange Blossom

Jet Setter.JPG

Teyonna Edwards / Taste and see Tampa Bay

Jet setter

The Social Roost is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located at 150 1st Avenue North. From January 31st the restaurant will offer a Sunday brunch menu. Follow us on Facebook to find out more about the menu as soon as it’s published.

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