Frank Green Reusable Cup rating

Frank Green Reusable Cup rating

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I found my favorite reusable travel mug, which is from Australia, on Martha’s Vineyard. While having coffee from Rosewater Market in Edgartown, MA last summer, I took a (socially distant) stroll through the delightful family-run business. Above all kinds of well-curated gifts for the kitchen and home was a rainbow display of Frank Green mugs, each color more gorgeous than the next. I never thought I’d find a truly stunning travel mug, but these beauties really impressed me and I thought of the slim bottles after leaving the market. Eventually I went back and bought a couple.

And, reader, I love my Frank Green mugs so much. Why? My love goes deeper than the glorious colors (though, to be honest, that helps). With a robust exterior made of stainless steel and a heat-retaining ceramic lining, the mugs are extremely light, but also very effective at keeping their contents hot. Their lids are pretty unique – with a push top that can be easily operated with one hand; Coupling for every coffee on the go – and actually leak-proof. While tons of travel mugs claim it does, few even stand the test of tossing a full cup of coffee in my purse. Frank Green’s have proven themselves and are real.

These cups have no handles, so you can easily fit them into my car’s cup holder. And they come in three sizes – 6, 12, and 16 ounces. Each size is comfortable to hold (read: does not burn your hands) and to drink, while maintaining the “cozy cup of joe” drinking experience that I have often lost in larger canteens. (Note: Frank Green also makes “bottles,” which come in sizes of 20 and 34 ounces.)

The nice thing about the thoughtful details of these mugs is that they are all the same size and style. So if you have multiple Frank Green mugs, you can mix and match them depending on what’s clean and close at hand – or what color scheme you prefer that day. The website even allows you to customize the colors of the base, lid and snaps for a unique design.

I have the 12-ounce yellow mug (which seems to be no longer available online) and the 16-ounce coral, and I often rock the yellow bottom, coral, and top combination (and vice versa). If I had to pick one mug to use every day, it would be (and is) the 12 ounce type. When I finish my morning coffee I rinse it off, top it up with water and it becomes a fantastic mug for toddlers. My 2 year old loves to slide the butt top and the small drinking port is perfect for preventing (or mitigating) spills.

Do you have a coffee mug that you love just as much? Tell us about it in the comments!

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