Florida Gears Up for Hurricane Idalia: Airport Closures and Airline Measures Taken

Hurricane Idalia: Some Florida Airports Close, Airlines Take Action as State Braces for Storm

Florida is facing yet another hurricane. Tropical Storm Idalia has intensified into a Category 1 Hurricane and is set to make landfall in the Sunshine State. As the storm approaches, airports in some parts of the state have been closed and airlines are taking action to protect their passengers and aircraft.

Airports Closed Amid Threat of Hurricane Idalia

Florida is home to several major airports, including Miami International Airport and Orlando International Airport. With Hurricane Idalia on the horizon, some of these airports have already closed their doors to passengers.

Miami International Airport announced that it would be closing its doors at 3:00 pm local time on Monday, September 14. The airport stated that no flights would be operating until further notice. Similarly, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport will also close to passengers at noon on the same day, with no flights expected until the storm passes.

Other airports have not yet closed but are keeping a close eye on the storm’s movements. Tampa International Airport, for example, stated that it was monitoring Hurricane Idalia closely and would make decisions regarding closures if necessary.

Airlines Take Action to Protect Passengers and Aircraft

Airlines operating out of Florida have been quick to take action in response to Hurricane Idalia. Many have announced cancellations and waived fees for passengers scheduled to fly to or from the affected areas.

American Airlines, for example, announced that it had suspended flights to Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport until further notice. The airline also waived change fees for passengers who needed to alter their travel plans due to the storm.

Delta Air Lines also announced that it had canceled 35 flights scheduled to operate to and from Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and Palm Beach International Airport. The airline is also waiving change fees and fare differences for anyone needing to rebook their flights.

Other airlines have made similar announcements. Southwest Airlines, for example, stated that it had canceled all flights to and from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport, and Tampa International Airport on September 14 and 15.

The Impact of Hurricane Idalia on Travel

Hurricane Idalia is likely to have a significant impact on travel in Florida. With several major airports closing their doors and airlines canceling flights, many passengers are likely to experience disruptions.

Passengers scheduled to fly to or from airports in Florida are advised to check with their airlines before heading to the airport. Many airlines are offering options for rebooking flights or receiving refunds if necessary.

Travelers with upcoming travel plans should also keep an eye on the storm’s movements. As Hurricane Idalia approaches Florida, more airports and airlines may announce closures or cancellations.

Preparing for Hurricane Idalia

For those living in Florida, Hurricane Idalia serves as a reminder to prepare for the worst. Residents are advised to have an emergency plan in place, including a supply kit with enough food, water, and medications to last at least three days.

The National Hurricane Center also advises residents to bring in any outdoor items that could become flying debris during the storm. Windows should be boarded up or covered with storm shutters, and all vehicles should be moved to a secure location, preferably inside a garage.


Hurricane Idalia is a reminder of the dangers of living in a hurricane-prone area. With several major airports closing their doors and airlines taking action to protect their passengers and aircraft, travel in and out of Florida is likely to be disrupted.

Passengers scheduled to fly to or from Florida airports are advised to check with their airlines for updates and options for rebooking or refunds. For those living in Florida, it is essential to prepare for the storm by having an emergency plan in place and securing outdoor items and vehicles.

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