Ex-Buffs Quarterback One of Several Players Caught in NCAA Waiver Process Limbo

Flip side of Colorado’s roster flip: Ex-Buffs QB among players stuck in limbo by flawed NCAA waiver process

When it comes to college athletics, the transfer portal has become a hotbed of activity in recent years. With more and more athletes seeking new opportunities, the NCAA has implemented a process to allow these players to transfer and play immediately, instead of sitting out a year as required in the past. However, despite this seemingly positive step forward, there are still flaws in the system that leave many players, including ex-Colorado Buffaloes quarterback, in limbo.

The rise of the transfer portal

The transfer portal was established by the NCAA to provide athletes with a means to explore new opportunities and find a better fit for their skills and goals. It is meant to be a fair and streamlined system that allows athletes to transfer schools without penalty and continue playing immediately at their new institution. However, as with any new process, there have been some unintended consequences and flaws that have emerged.

A broken waiver process

One of the main flaws in the transfer portal system is the NCAA’s waiver process. This process was put in place to allow athletes to request immediate eligibility at their new school if they meet certain criteria, such as a coaching change or personal hardship. However, the process is far from perfect and has left many players in limbo, waiting for a decision that may never come.

Take the case of the ex-Colorado Buffaloes quarterback. After a disappointing season and a coaching change, he made the difficult decision to transfer to a new school. He hoped that the waiver process would grant him immediate eligibility, as he met the criteria of a coaching change. However, months went by with no decision from the NCAA. The ex-Buffaloes quarterback was left in limbo, unable to practice or play with his new team.

The impact on players

For players stuck in NCAA waiver limbo, the impact on their careers and personal lives can be devastating. These athletes have already made the difficult decision to leave their previous school and find a new opportunity elsewhere. They have put in the time and effort to learn a new offensive system, build relationships with coaches and teammates, and prepare for the upcoming season. Yet, despite all of their efforts, they are left in a state of uncertainty.

Not only does this uncertainty affect their ability to compete and improve as athletes, but it also takes a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. The stress of waiting for a decision, the fear of being denied immediate eligibility, and the frustration of not being able to pursue their dreams can be overwhelming. This flawed NCAA waiver process is not only detrimental to their athletic careers but also their overall happiness and sense of fulfillment.

A call for change

The flaws in the NCAA’s waiver process have become increasingly apparent in recent years, with more and more stories of players stuck in limbo. This has led to a growing call for change within the college athletics community. Coaches, players, and fans alike are urging the NCAA to reevaluate their waiver process and make improvements that support the best interests of the athletes.

One possible solution is to streamline the waiver process and ensure that decisions are made in a timely manner. Athletes should not have to wait for months on end, unsure of their future, while the NCAA deliberates their case. The process should also be more transparent, with clear guidelines and criteria that athletes can understand and easily meet. This would reduce the ambiguity and frustration that currently exists within the system.


The transfer portal has provided athletes with a valuable opportunity to find a better fit for their skills and goals. However, the flawed NCAA waiver process has created a flip side to this roster flip. Players, such as the ex-Colorado Buffaloes quarterback, find themselves stuck in limbo, waiting for a decision that may never come. This not only hampers their athletic careers but also takes a toll on their mental and emotional well-being. It is time for the NCAA to address these flaws and make the necessary changes to support the best interests of the athletes.

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