Enjoy sweet and savory waffles from this St. Pete Food Truck on the go

Enjoy sweet and savory waffles from this St. Pete Food Truck on the go

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Whether you prefer your waffles sweet or savory, Pop Goes the Waffle has what you are looking for.

This St. Pete Food Truck (named Blossom) specializes in Liège waffles, which are made from brioche batter with pearl sugar and naturally sweeten the waffle without syrup.

Choose from flavors such as cinnamon toast, maple bacon, strawberries and cream, unicorn (fruity pebbles and white chocolate), Nutella banana or sausage, egg and cheese. Pop Goes the Waffle also serves Waffles Pops (waffles baked on sticks) and Waffelkrapfen (mini Liège waffles dipped in chocolate) in a variety of flavors.

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“I’ve loved waffles all my life since I had my first eggo when I was five,” said Sara Fludd, founder and chief waffle officer of Pop Goes the Waffle. “When my daughter was growing up, we made waffles every snow day when we lived in Connecticut. So I got a lot of waffle recipes and just thought, ‘Hey, someday, why not open a waffle shop?’ “”

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Pop Goes the Waffle is stationed in various locations in St. Pete. Follow the pop-up events on their website. For private events and catering, email [email protected].

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