Emily Ratajkowski Says “We All Participate in Systems That We Don’t Agree With”

Emily Ratajkowski Says "We All Participate in Systems That We Don’t Agree With”

Emily RatajkowskiYou know how difficult it is to criticize a system.

Harper’s Bazaar’s November 2022 issue covers the response of the writer and model to criticisms about her denunciation the patriarchy. However, she is still perceived as an ideal male gaze.

When she is asked if it was her responsibility for the effect she has on young women’s lives, RatajkowskiShe says that she understands that sexualizing herself and putting out images that promote the beauty standard are difficult. I’m not trying to shake accountability. But I also don’t think I would have sold as many books had I not done that. That’s the way the world works.” She continues, “It’s the way the world works.” in systems that we don’t agree with.”


She explored this thorny intersection—of playing into and capitalizing off of society’s often toxic standards while simultaneously condemning it—inMany of her essays are very popular. inHer 2021 book, “My Body” The book RatajkowskiIt’s not about being a model, but creating a framework that allows women to experience the experiences of womanhood.

“For me, the book is about being a woman. in a very specific industry that profits from perpetuating certain beauty standards and women’s images,” she explains. “I believe the experience that I have is what every woman should have, but it has been heightened.”

RatajkowskiThis issue was previously discussed inAn essay for Bazaar’s September 2019, issue.

As they get older, young women are often ripped apart in every way. They are susceptible to immediate feedback, criticism and criticism in the age of social media and selfies,” she wrote. “They are more doubtful and questioning everything about themselves than ever before. Their only option is to make their own choices. Ultimately, however one decides to represent themselves, whether it be heteronormative or completely unidentifiable, is that person’s personal choice. Women should be free to be who they are and be as diverse as possible. “Preconceptions are not to be believed.”

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