Demi Moore Relaxes in Her Pool in a Plunging White Swimsuit

Demi Moore Relaxes in Her Pool in a Plunging White Swimsuit

Demi MooreBefore her 60th birthday, she looks as amazing and happy as ever.

The Striptease star shared his thoughts this week aStunning photos of her relaxing inHer pool in aHer Andie Swim collaboration features a one-piece, plunging white swimsuit. This piece is almost backless aThe bust is cut in a triangle and the straps are thin at the back.

“Cooling off” in The Tropez suit ???? @andieswim,” MooreSubmitted inThe caption is at the bottom of this post.

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The actress is radiant. inThere are many swimsuits in the new summer collection. According to her, the inspiration for the collaboration came from her love of vintage suits and her desire that women of all ages feel elegant and sexy.

“I thought about how suits had been made in the last few decades, and how much it was all about suits with little cloth. I realized how much I loved the elegance and glamour of that. inThis is my impression of vintage suits. The imagery and how they made me feel. aPeople this month, she said that she had a lot of skin. “So, the idea is: What can we do to make our skin softer?” she explained to People earlier this month. aWhat can a woman wear that makes her feel confident, playful, and attractive? We set that goal.

MoorePeople spoke with her about turning 60 and what it means to her.

“When you reach 59, you already think, “Well, I’m going 60.” It feels liberating. It is a liberating feeling to think about my grandmother, who was 60 years old. in aWay seemed already to be resigned to the fact that she was old. But, inShe said that there are so many ways to be present and alive in the world today, she added.

Her suits and her willingness to embrace one’s body regardless of age are a testament to her professionalism. MooreShe said that she wanted to change “this notion that women become less desirable as they get older.”

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