Cyber attack accesses personal data of LDS church members, employees

Cyber attack accesses personal data of LDS church members, employees

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (KSTU) — The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints revealed that a cyberattack was launched against them. personal data of church members, employeesOthers.

In a Thursday news release, churchAccording to officials, attackThis occurred in late March. However, we did not have access to any donation history or banking information.

According to the churchAccording to law enforcement officials, there is little chance of it happening. ofThe databreached during attackIndividuals could be harmed.

The churchIt says it is working with federal officials and third-party cybersecurity specialists to determine the scope ofThe incident and “to minimize possible impacts.”

The attackThe announcement was made months later, at the request of the client. ofLaw enforcement

Notification will be sent to all affected by the breach church officials. Officials are being instructed to keep an eye on church members. personalChange passwords and create accounts

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