Cute and Low cost Dish Scrubs on Amazon

Cute and Cheap Dish Scrubs on Amazon

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Since moving a thousand miles from my mom, she has found a new passion: searching Amazon’s Home and Kitchen section to find products for me. I’m used to getting WhatsApp messages from her in the middle of the night (she’s in India) about those life changing spice jars or the best tool for defusing my sofa. When I heard my phone ping at 1 a.m. on a Saturday night a few months ago, I knew it was my mom with one of her Amazon links. And surely she had found me the best scrubs that were just “too sweet” (her words). I clicked the link and had to agree with my mom: these were adorable! Even better? The price for a three-pack was only $ 11.99.

When my fruit scrubs arrived, I showed them off on my silicone sink for a few days and hesitated to put those cuties off to do real work. But I think my husband didn’t get the memo because he used one of them (the slice of watermelon if you’re curious) to scrub his chai pot and colander. When I scrub the leftovers from intensely cooked tea leaves, milk, and sugar, my normal scrubs are usually in a terrible, smelly state, but these fruit scrubs seemed designed to fight stubborn, ingrained stains. The scrubs are made of double layers of polyester yarn that look bristly but feel super soft and fluffy. This means that they are great for cleaning but won’t leave scratches on cookware or delicate plates. Win win!

Another great benefit of these scrubs is that they are odor free. I obviously put that claim to the test with a rigorous month of using one (still the watermelon!) To attack all of my filthy cookware, dishes, oven racks, strainers, and (of course) the daily chai pot to take. My husband and I were both surprised to see that the scrubs definitely didn’t retain any weird smells or exude the unpleasant odor that dish scrubs are so famous for. Also, to keep things clean, I tossed them in the dishwasher every few days, and they stood up to an intense three hour hot cycle without dissolving or falling apart.

And I’m not the only one who loves these adorable scrubs. They have a solid 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with reviewers saying things like “Highly Recommended !!!”, “Definitely Worth the Money”, and “I love washing up with these”.

With all this feature aside, my greatest joy was holding a slice of fluffy watermelon (yes, two months later and I’m still on my first scrub!) To tackle my truckload of dishes. What can I say, my mom was 100 percent right: cute items definitely make daily work a lot more fun.

Buy: Dishwasher for dishwashing (3-pack), $ 11.99

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