Crisis in Corrections: Prison town economies suffer

Crisis in Corrections: Prison town economies suffer


A store is closed in Cross City, Florida after a local prison shut down.WFTS

Cross City is the county seat of Dixie County in North Florida, which has 17,000 residents. The prison is the county’s largest employer and the poverty rate is double state and national averages.WFTS

Triston Weaver has lived in Cross City all his life. His mother works for the prison, but he has chosen a different path as a Dixie County Sheriff’s Deputy.WFTS

One of many older homes in disrepair in the Cross City community, where the prison that recently shut two of three facilities is the main driver of the economyWFTS

The gates to the main prison unit at Cross City Correctional Institution is closed, due to flooding last year and a statewide prison staffing shortageWFTS


Razor wire outside gate of closed prison facilityWFTS

Cross City Water TowerWFTS

Cross City, Florida barbershopWFTS

Haircuts cost $10, but fewer people are getting haircuts these days, since not as many people are working in Cross City.WFTS

Cross City Correctional Institution sign in Cross City, Fla.WFTS

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