Costco Buying Tip – Purchase cookie dough on the bakery

Costco Shopping Tip - Buy cookie dough at the bakery

If you are hoping to go to Costco and go with a large amount of cookies, nothing is stopping you from making it a reality. The store regularly stocks boxes and crates of every cookie imaginable, not to mention exorbitantly large tubs of cookie dough. And thanks to TikTok, we recently learned that there is another way to bring lots and lots of cookies home – a method we had never heard of before.

According to this Canadian Costco buyer, you can (safely) go to the bakery and ask for a box of cookie dough. She did it! And then she got a box of about 120 chocolate chip cookies for $ 22 (Canadian dollars). From there she stores them in the freezer and bakes as many as she wants. After all, who doesn’t want warm cookies on request?

A scan of the comment area shows that this does not apply to all locations, but it does to many. “This is mainly true of Canada and select states in the US,” said one commentator. Many subsequent commentators meddled in places where they could use this “cookie secret” and had spare freezers full of ready-to-bake cookies.

A deeper dive on Reddit confirmed that this variability is also the case. “This varies a lot from place to place,” said one bakery employee. Another replied: “As someone who has worked in the bakery, I can confirm that this is correct.” Others claimed that the boxes were available in the freezer area and not in the bakery area.

Of course, every business is different so it is worth asking your business if this is an option that is available to you. If you’re looking for a shipload of pre-made cookie dough, it can’t hurt to ask, right?

Does your location offer this? Let us know in the comments below.

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