Convert Any Cocktail Recipe to Big Batch

Convert Any Cocktail Recipe to Big Batch

When you’re entertaining guests, you can save yourself time by pre-mixing a big batch of cocktails in a pitcher or beverage dispenser. Everyone gets toServe them while you chat with others and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

This is really easy toEven if the drink is not your cup of tea. to make doesn’t come with a big batch recipe. Or when the big batch recipes you’ve found are in imperial measurements and you need metric, or the other way around. All you need toFollow the tips below.

Premixing a pitcher with cocktails

A pitcher of cocktails can be pre-mixed. to a week before your party, as long as you don’t add ice until you’re ready to serve. If you’re using fresh fruit juice, try toMix it within 24 hours of the party or 48 hours. It won’t go bad if you do it sooner, but it could possibly lose a little bit of flavor.

We’ve got two options for how toMixing quantities for cocktails? toLarge batches can be used, or you can choose the one that seems easiest to you. There are a few things you should know about each one. to remember:


  1. Leave out ice until you’re ready to serve, or it’ll dilute the mix. For guests, you can also set up an ice bucket with scoop. toServe them.
  2. Leave out carbonated ingredients like 7-up, or they’ll go flat. Unless you’re mixing it less than an hour or two before the party. You can also leave the ingredients out on the table for your guests toServe them.
  3. Once you’ve premixed your pitcher, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

Know how many drinks you’ll need

If your guests are friends and you have an idea how much they drink, that’s simple. Simply count the drinks each guest will consume. toTake all of them and combine them.

If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is toFigure out how many guests will each drink four standard drinks. Since some probably won’t drink this much, this tends toYou will always have more than you need.

Calculating the drink volume

Now that you are familiar with the number of drinks you should consume, it is time to get started. to figure out what volume they’re going toPlace in a pitcher. Take a look at the drink recipe you have chosen and multiply each ingredient by how many drinks you anticipate. toMake.

So if you’re making a big batch of 16 drinks, and your recipe calls for 1 ounce of orange juice and 1.5 ounces of a fruit juice, you’ll need 16 ounces of vodka and 24 (16 x 1.5) ounces of the fruit juice. That means you’ll need a pitcher that holds at least 65 ounces of liquid.

Your drink should be measured in “parts”As in “1 part vodka, 2 parts juice”You can now make your job easier. You can skip! to the next step, make sure you’ve got a pitcher big enough to hold the volume you’re making, and mix it right there in the pitcher.

Picking the right pitcher

Now you have an idea of how many drinks you will need. toYou can calculate how big a pitcher or pitchers you will need by making an advance decision to premix. Premix. to make sure you’ve got enough containers toKeep the total of these drinks (see above).

If you have a pitcher and don’t know how much it holds, here’s a quick and dirty way toYou can figure it out by getting a measuring spoon, filling it with water and then pouring it into the pitcher. Continue doing this until you have filled the pitcher. Mark each cup as you pour. Add the amount of time you were able, to get your measuring cup’s volume. toPour water into the pitcher

It took two measuring cups to fill a measuring cup that holds 4 cups. toOnce you have filled your pitcher, your pitcher should hold 8 cups. This is 64 ounces. If you’re making 16 four ounce cocktails, that’s perfect. If you’re making more, you’ll need another pitcher or a bigger one.

And if you’re doing all this in imperial, your measuring cup will work just as well. Multiply the milliliters and liters in your measuring cup with the pitcher to get your pitcher.

Workaround:Instead of trying toYou can use a large container, such as a bucket, to calculate the pitchers. Then you mix your big batch of cocktails in it. Next, pour the mixture into a pitcher. If necessary, you can use another pitcher.

Measuring cup on table

If all this sounds like too much math, don’t worry – we’ve got another option for you!

The Almost No Math Method

There’s a way toYou don’t need to do a lot math. It might be easier to do this for certain drinks than it is for others. toSimply convert the numbers. Are you ready? Here it is:

Make one of these cocktails. Put it in a pitcher. Make another. Put it in the pitcher. And so on until you’ve got the amount of drinks you will need for each guest.

It is really easy. This is particularly useful if you feel the drink is necessary. toFor example, you could shake it with ice. You just do that each time before pouring it into the pitcher, and you’re all set.

Fruit jar with cocktail shaker and jigger on bar top

Premixed Cocktails

Serving your guests is easy once they arrive. You don’t need anything else if your drink requires a premix toPour or allow guests to serve themselves. You can make one glass at a time if it needs stirring, shaking, or adding carbonated ingredients. One last suggestion:


Serve chilled in chilled glasses

If your cocktail doesn’t need to be served on the rocks, the combination of a refrigerated premix and the chilled glasses will keep drinks cooler longer – without any ice toThey should be diluted.

If a guest takes a long time with one drink and you suspect it’s become room temperature, bring the guest another chilled glass toThen pour the remaining premix into another glass, and top that glass off with more. This is something I’ve seen at restaurant bars and it makes for very impressive hosting.

There are many options to keep glasses chilled.

  • Keep them in the fridge for at least 3-4 hours. This is great for the first round of drinks, but unless you have lots of glasses and room in the fridge for all of them, you won’t be able toRe-use glasses should be chilled in the nick of time. So for the rest of the night…
  • Wash your guest’s used glasses quickly, then put them in an ice bucket. This chills them very well within 15-30 minutes, so they’ll be ready for the next round of refills.
  • A quick and dirty backup: Fill a chilled glass with crushed ice. Stir it around until the drink feels cool. Pour the drink.


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