Construction worker’s body recovered following Clearwater stairwell collapse

Construction worker's body recovered following Clearwater stairwell collapse


Clearwater police said they recovered the body of the worker who died after Monday’s partial stairwell collapse at a parking garage.

During the overnight hours, workers continued to remove debris. Shortly before 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, police confirmed they reached the 23-year-old’s body. They have not publicly identified him. 

The collapse occurred in the garage adjacent to Tampa Bay Water. Two workers were inside when it took place, and only one made it out safely. Soon after, fire officials said the second worker was likely dead.

A large excavator was requested to safely remove the remaining concrete from the top down. It arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the pair were doing work on the stairwell when the collapse occurred. Klinefelter did not reveal which company the workers were employed with. 

OSHA and Clearwater police are still investigating the cause.

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