Cold weather shelters open as Tampa Bay sees season’s chilliest temperatures

Cold weather shelters open as Tampa Bay sees season’s chilliest temperatures

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — With temperatures dipping down into the 40s, Tampa Bay area organizations are helping those who may not have a place to escape the cold.

Hillsborough County activated its’ cold weather shelter program on Monday.

On Tuesday, Tampa Bay saw the coldest temperatures it has seen thus far this season.

“I’m from Chicago, so I’m used to this,” said Thayron Byrd with Amazing Love Ministries. “This is kinda spring or fall for us, but down here 40 degrees is cold, so getting some of these folks out of the cold if just for one night is very important.”

Amazing Love Ministries in Ybor City partnered with the County to transform the house of worship into a warm shelter and welcomed up to 40 people.

“We do service the needy community and homeless as well, so its a partnership with us we’re continuing to do,” said Byrd.

The organization provides clothing, toiletries and hot meals to those facing homelessness, but overnight in between the pews, mattresses and blankets laid out to help the community’s most vulnerable.

“If you see someone out there in the cold, your responsibility is to love them and to help them, so that’s what we try to do as best as we can,” said Matthew, a volunteer.

The Portico in downtown Tampa, which offers services to the homeless community, also opened its doors to provide warmth.

In addition to the shelters opening, Metropolitan Ministries and Tampa Crossroads gave out vouchers for a one-night motel room.

The county said the threshold for opening shelters is 40 degrees and it is not planning to keep the shelters open Tuesday night.

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