Cocktail pickles are the best you can buy at Costco this spring

Cocktail pickles are the best you can buy at Costco this spring

As a Kitchn based Costco expert, I can’t explain the thrill I get by simply flashing this membership card. Wandering the wide aisles of the camp is one of the highlights of my work. And I’ve found that leaving the store without a full shopping cart is next to impossible because I’m always trying something new.

While doing some preplanned purchases of grass seeds and shade plants for my garden this month, I came across an ingeniously packaged everyday ingredient and bought it on a whim. With warm spring days, I long for cool and crispy summer products. I decided that the best way to satisfy that need is with Costco 1.5 pound bag of greenhouse grown cocktail pickles.

Find it: Mucci Farms Cute Cucumbers, $ 4.29 for 1.5 pounds (Note: In-store retail price is $ 4.29; regular price is $ 5.79.)

Consider these crispy and crunchy cucumbers your welcoming committee for spring. I find these crunchy treats do just the right thing when I just can’t get another sip of kale. Mucci Farms has called these cocktail pickles “sweet pickles” and I have to say they are pretty sweet. They have thin skin and delicate seeds, and are easy to prepare without the need to exfoliate. If you’re worried about finishing 1.5 pounds of cucumbers before they spoil, fear not: there are tons of ways to enjoy them.

Cucumbers also make a perfect partner for yogurt. Cucumber raita is the perfect cooling sauce to spoon with seasoned lamb in warm naan. Greek Tzatziki Sauce is another perfect iteration of pickles and yogurt. Serve tzatziki over fried salmon, as a dip for crudit√© or on a bun for burgers. When you’re thirsty with all that cutting, mix up a sparkling sangria with spring’s best ingredients: cucumber and strawberries.

Just like that, that bag of mini cucumbers will be gone instantly. So, um, maybe two?

What do you have in store at Costco this month?

Patty Catalano


Patty is a freelance recipe developer who has worked as the research coordinator and podcast producer for Alton Brown and in the Oxmoor House test kitchen. She loves maple syrup, coffee and board games. Patty lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.

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