Chopped: Michael Symon’s Disliked Ingredient Revealed


The Ingredient Michael Symon Hated on Chopped

When it comes to the popular cooking competition show “Chopped,” viewers are always on the edge of their seats wondering what crazy ingredients the contestants will be faced with. And in one particular episode, Iron Chef Michael Symon expressed his utmost disdain for a certain ingredient that left both the judges and audience in shock. Let’s dive deeper into this intriguing moment and discover what made Michael Symon so repulsed.

The Unexpected Ingredient

In one of the most memorable episodes of “Chopped,” the unsuspecting contestants were presented with a mystery basket that contained a rather unusual ingredient: durian. This tropical fruit, known for its polarizing smell and taste, has been dubbed the “king of fruits” by some, while others liken its odor to rotting onions.

As the contestants opened their baskets and unraveled the mystery ingredients, Michael Symon’s face immediately contorted in disgust. The mere sight of the durian caused him to involuntarily cringe, acknowledging his disdain for the ingredient. This unexpected reaction set the stage for an intriguing and dramatic culinary battle.

The Stench That Lingers

While the durian fruit may have its ardent fans, it is no secret that its odor can be overpowering and off-putting to many. The smell has been described as a combination of onion, sulfur, and gym socks, making it an incredibly challenging ingredient to work with.

In the case of this “Chopped” episode, the competing chefs faced the daunting task of incorporating durian into their dishes, all while trying to mask its pungent aroma. The judges, including Michael Symon, anxiously waited to see if any of the contestants could successfully tame this notoriously repellant ingredient.

Fruit that Divides

With its divisive reputation, it’s no wonder that durian has sparked heated debates among food enthusiasts. The fruit’s overpowering smell is often seen as a barrier for many people who would otherwise be willing to try it. However, its taste is where the true divide lies.

While some describe the flavor as a heavenly combination of sweet and creamy, others find it to be too overpowering and reminiscent of raw garlic or rotten fruit. Michael Symon clearly fell into the latter camp, unable to get past the smell and taste that he found repulsive.

A Test of Creativity

As the contestants busily worked to transform the durian into palatable dishes, Michael Symon’s skepticism only grew. He watched with a mix of curiosity and skepticism, wondering if any of the chefs would be able to succeed where many others had failed.

Despite his personal aversion, Symon recognized the inherent challenge and respected the creativity required to elevate such a polarizing ingredient. He openly acknowledged the difficulty of working with something that could so easily overpower the entire dish if not handled correctly.

The Ultimate Verdict

Finally, the time came for the judges to taste the contestants’ durian creations. The chefs laid their carefully crafted dishes in front of the panel, including Michael Symon. His apprehension was palpable as he took his first bite, unsure of what to expect.

As the flavors danced on his palate, Michael Symon’s expression slowly transformed from skepticism to surprise. While he may never fall in love with the durian fruit, he couldn’t deny the skill and ingenuity displayed by the contestants in commandeering such a challenging ingredient.

In Conclusion

So, in that memorable episode of “Chopped,” Michael Symon proved that even a highly experienced and skilled chef can be repulsed by an ingredient as polarizing as durian. Although he couldn’t hide his initial distaste, he ultimately respected the creative abilities of the contestants who managed to turn this divisive fruit into delectable dishes. This moment serves as a reminder that even the most experienced chefs can still be surprised by what can be achieved in the kitchen.


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