Chinese immigrant, a witness to Mao’s political purge, warning about indoctrination in public schools

Chinese immigrant, a witness to Mao's political purge, warning about indoctrination in public schools

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A ChineseImmigrant who witnessed Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution warns against it indoctrinationfor children in K-12 schoolswith neomarxist ideologies like critical race theory or The New York Times’ 1619 project. 

Lily Tang Williams, currently running as, spoke with Fox News Digital. aRepublican candidate for Congress inNew Hampshire’s second District, spoke out about the lessons she had learned. a witness tocommunist brutality and sharing a warning toAmericans recognize the importance of fighting to protect liberty. 

“[Mao believed that]Young people’s minds are aA blank piece of white paper. You can draw beautiful pictures, or just about anything you like. toDraw them or anything he likes to believe. Those are the… warning signs. We have these signs because, as you probably know, we have. toShe stated that she supported parental rights and school choice. “Parents begin[ed] toGet up toSay “What’s happening?” inOur schools?’ Which is a good thing. I am still positive and optimistic. aboutOur country.”

Lily Tang Williams aRepublican candidate for Congress inNew Hampshire 
(Lily Tang Williams/Getty )

Tang Williams was born in China’s western Sichuan province on the cusp of Mao’s deadly terror campaign – the Cultural Revolution. She is currently living in China. inShe may be a communist, and she has carefully planned her escape route. toShe is unable to escape the unfurling that lies before her eyes inThe U.S. 


The ChineseCultural Revolution a politicalMao, who was the Chairman of the People’s Republic of China between 1949 and 1976, orchestrated the persecution of millions of anti-revolutionaries. The “Four Olds,” which were Old Ideas, Old Cultures and Old Customs, was a violent movement that opposed the destruction of cultural artifacts.

A large statue of Mao Zedong, erected during the height of the Cultural Revolution in 1969, waves from Zhongshan Square in Shenyang, May 2002.

Mao Zedong is a large statue that was erected at the height of Cultural Revolution in1969, waves from Zhongshan Square in Shenyang, May 2002.
(REDERIC BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Tang Williams drew aParallel between the ChineseRevolution that was based upon class and what she believes in aneoMarxist Cultural Revolution is based on identity groups molded jointly into aCoalition on an oppression Matrix  

Tang Williams stated that “identity politics is the hallmark Maoism.” The New Hampshire congressional candidate claimed that Critical Race Theory and The New York Times’ 1619 Project which maintain America is systemically racist are all part this revolution. 

“Mao used standard Marxist terminology like oppressor against oppressed,” she stated. “He actually split all Chinese citizens – because we’re [of the]Same race, have [the] same skin color –  into Five Black Classes versus the Five Red Classes.” 


Little red book and Red Guards of Mao 1966/67 in Tien An Men, China.

Red Guards of Mao 1966/67 and Little Red Book in Tien An Men, China.
(Paolo KOCH /Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The Five Black Categories of oppressors included right-wingers, rich farmers, landlords, counter-revolutionaries and bad influencers. On the other was the Red Category, which included the working-class, Revolutionary guards, and active members the Red Categories. ChineseCommunist Party. 

Mao used children as one of his most effective tools toHis revolution. They were indoctrinated. to aThey betrayed their parents at the point they reached toThe communist state inPlace your order toMove upward inShe spoke of class. 

Members of red guards, holding The Little Red Book, cheering Mao Zedong during a meeting to celebrate the Cultural Revolution in 1966

Red Guards cheering Mao Zedong, while holding The Little Red Book. a meeting toCelebrate the Cultural Revolution in 1966
(Apic/Getty Images)

“Tragedy occurs when young people were brainwashed toSay, “I want…” toBe Red Class, I’m Going toDenounce my family toTurn them around toRed Guards toThe authorities will change my last name and draw a line between me, my parents and them.”

Her family witnessed Red Guards torture, and she was there. aStudents-led paramilitary social movements orchestrated and led by Mao 

“My grandparents were [Black Class because they were]Landlords and some of them even saw our families being tortured toRed Guards killed on the streets. There are many sad stories about all of that. And [it was]They were indoctrinated. [The children]Truly believe[d]They did the right thing. They were only teenagers, you see.”

Parents are kept in the loop. inThey are in the dark and prevented from having an impact on their children’s learning. aShe recalls the power struggle in China. 


“[The left]You want to destroy nuclear families,” Tang Williams, said. “That’s what they want,” Tang Williams stated. toKeep your children close to [the government]Get them toYou feel like your parents don’t get me. [Then they] take the children away from their parents, so they can… rely on the state… This is typical communist tactic.

Red China guards junior grade inside school red tie for

Red China protects junior grade in school red tie for “red communist.”
(Getty Images)

The first crack inThe indoctrinationTang Williams strongly believes inAfter several heart attacks, Mao died at the age of 82. Her entire life, she was told that Chairman Mao was her mentor. a god. “How could it be?” a god die?” She asked. 

It took her 20 years to complete her journey. in America toGet rid of all communist propaganda.

Family members of her deceased mother live. inChina is still lost toThe indoctrinationShe said that she was sure of it and continued to say so toAsk her toPay attention aMoment of silence Mao’sDecember 26th Birthday 

Lily Tang Williams was raised in China's western Sichuan province during Chairman Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution. 

Lily Tang Williams, was raised inChina’s western Sichuan Province during Chairman Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. 
(Lily Tang Williams/Getty Images).

“They don’t know how many people were starved. toHe was responsible for his policies causing death. He’s a sociopath, a mass killer. But people don’t know. “They’re still missing him,” she stated. “I think of that as an enslaved population with their consent since they do not have access to the internet. toTruth and [have a]Lack of options. It’s so. aboutControlling the media and propaganda


 Seventy elder party members from Bejing arrive to commemorate the 121st Aniversary Of Chairman Mao's Birthday on December 2014, in Shaoshan, Hunan province of China. 

 Seventy elder party members from Bejing arrive toRemember the 121st Anniversary of Chairman Mao’sDecember 14, 2014, Birthday inShaoshan in Hunan Province of China 
(Getty Images)

Mao’sGreat Leap Forward, a policy for economic growth, was initiated toThe deaths of up to 45 million people. Adhering toCommunism was the basis of state control over production. The government took private farmland and placed food distribution under its control. As aThe result is the ChinesePeople died of starvation, forced labour, suicide, and torture. 

A law professor at George Mason University, Ilya Somin, wrote inAccording to the Washington Post, Mao is most likely responsible for the largest mass killing of all time. He believed that the reason for the atrocity does not exist. about inAcademics are the preferred choice for elites to”Downplay crimes committed under communist regimes.”

Somin said that Western intellectuals are “reluctant” toAccept everything a great evil it was” because they are “fearful – perhaps – that other left-wing causes might be tainted by association.”

Tang Williams stated that she hopes Tang Williams will be able to do one thing: toDo on the House Floor if she wins is to debate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), on socialism. 

“When millennials talk aboutWe’re not talking about concepts such as democratic socialism. aboutThese types of ‘Red Scare’ boogeyman,” AOC said inInterview. “We’re talking aboutExisting countries and systems that are already proven to be viable toBe successful inModernity is the new world.


“I’m so ready” to debate her from the U.S. Congress floor… How many people… are [the progressives]Willing toBe killed and executed if you want to starve. inPlace your order toHave [an accurate]Conclusion [about socialism]?” She said.

The K-12 education system does not teach American schoolchildren all the facts. aboutWhat happened under communist dictatorships? aThe candidate for Congress said that the “repeat” of human tragedy occurred during the 100 years of communism. 


“I hope parents begin to see the value in this.” toYou can exercise your parental rights and control in America. Our children belong to parents. They are not part of the family to government. Parents have the final say[s]… aboutWhat they are taught inWhat age-appropriate curriculum should they be allowed to attend school?

Free speech, the Second Amendment, and parental rights – “everything is under attack,” she said. “It’s upside-down. That’s part the Cultural Revolution. Rewrite social norms, modify your birth, control the narratives, and purge them political enemies. [These are]Similar tactics have been used before. in China.”

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