Chef’s Kitchen: The great Greek gyros

Chef's Kitchen: The great Greek gyros

ORLANDO, Florida – We’re about to kick off our Greek with a giant spinning top from a brand new eatery in downtown Orlando.

“Everything we make in this building is done in-house,” says Richard Hawkins, operations manager at the Great Greek Mediterranean Grill.

In this Chef’s Kitchen he demonstrates the namesake Nosh – The Great Greek Gyro. “It’s very simple,” he says, adding that the tzatziki sauce steals the show. “(It’s) yogurt-based. Lavva is a very rich, very thick yogurt. “

Turn up the Greek music and grandpa! Let’s eat:

Recipe: The Great Greek Gyro (from The Great Greek at 335 N Magnolia Ave, Orlando)

  • Spread half a spoonful of tzatziki on a piece of toasted flatbread, which is lightly spread over the flatbread

  • Add 4 tomato slices

  • Add 1 ounce of red onion

  • Add 1 ounce of tape salad

  • Add your protein

– Chopped a chicken skewer

– 5 ounces of gyro meat

  • Put 1 spoonful of tzatziki on your protein and spread it over the protein
  • 1 spoonful of feta. Add
  • Enjoy!

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