CCP House Chair Commends Ford for Halting China-Linked Project Amid Congressional Investigations

House CCP Chair Applauds Ford

The decision of Ford Motor Co. to delay its joint venture project with China’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, Zotye Automobile, was lauded by Representative Michael McCaul of Texas, the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Chairman of the China Task Force.


The recent decision of Ford Motor Co., an American multinational automaker, to put on hold its plan to form a joint venture with Zotye Automobile, China’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, amid scrutiny from lawmakers in Washington, has earned positive remarks from a senior member of the US House of Representatives.

As a strategic response to counter China’s push into making electric vehicles, Ford announced its plan to form a joint venture with Zotye Automobile in 2017. However, the company has had to put the deal on hold owing to the ongoing congressional inquiry into the links between China and the American tech sector. This decision may potentially impact other multinational corporations’ operations in China.

The Basis of the Inquiry

The ongoing congressional inquiry is based on China’s planned domination of the US electric vehicle market through the acquisition of American intellectual property and technology. China’s acquisition of US tech companies and other businesses is seen as a violation of US patents and intellectual property rights and has been a persistent concern among American lawmakers.

The inquiry is looking into a host of issues, including the security, economic, and national-defense implication of Chinese companies and tech platforms operating in the American market.

Rep. Michael McCaul’s Approval

The Chairman of the China Task Force, Rep. Michael McCaul from Texas, has applauded the decision of Ford to hold its joint venture project with China’s Zotye Automobile amid congressional probes into the security implications of the deal.

This move received praise from McCaul, who is also the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, who said that “it is the right decision for Ford to pause and reassess its plan for a joint venture with one of the CCP’s leading state-owned enterprises and largest automakers in China.”

The chairman also said that the move “demonstrates that companies continue to recognize the significance of the China Task Force’s work in exposing the CCP’s malign economic policies towards the United States, and China’s overall threat to American national security.”

Importance of Congressional Inquiry

The ongoing congressional inquiry has, for the most part, been a bi-partisan initiative as it deals with critical national security concerns. Members of Congress from both the Republican and Democratic Party have voiced concerns over the Chinese threat to American technology and national security.

The Chinese government’s aim has been to become the global leader in terms of technology and trade, which has concerned members of Congress since China’s adherence to International trade rules and agreements has been questionable.

Therefore, this inquiry fulfills an important role in assuring that the trade and technological transfer between the two nations is lawful and poses no danger to US national security.

Impact on US Automotive Industry

Though the decision of Ford Motor Co to delay their joint venture has earned positive reviews in the US, this development and the current congressional inquiry may have a negative impact on the US automotive industry, as well as US-Chinese trade relations.

American firms’ reluctance to invest in China may allow Chinese automakers to gain an edge over their US competitors while also giving other global automakers an opportunity to invest in the Chinese automotive market. This could lead to a further loss of market share for American companies. The delay in investment could also impact the development and introduction of new vehicles, especially electric vehicles.


In conclusion, the ongoing congressional inquiry into the links between American companies and Chinese firms, such as Ford Motor Co. and Zotye Automobile, carries significant national security and economic implications. The decision of Ford to delay its joint venture and reassess the security implications of working with China’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer is commendable and reinforces the importance of strict scrutiny into such matters. Given China’s push to become the world leader in technology and trade, the congressional inquiry’s relevance and importance cannot be overstated. However, continued scrutiny might affect US corporations’ ability to compete in the global markets, including the Chinese market.

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