Carli Lloyd to Appear on Kickin’ It to Discuss USWNT, U.S. Soccer, and More on CBS Sports Golazo Network this Wednesday

Carli Lloyd Joins Kickin’ It on CBS Sports Golazo Network: A Legends’ Perspective on USWNT, U.S. Soccer, and More

When it comes to women’s soccer, few names hold the same level of respect and admiration as Carli Lloyd. The two-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, two-time Olympic gold medalist, and FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year in 2015 has established herself as an icon in the sport. And now, fans and enthusiasts will get to hear directly from the legend herself, as she joins Kickin’ It on CBS Sports Golazo Network this Wednesday.

A Glimpse into the Mind of a Soccer Legend

Carli Lloyd’s decision to join Kickin’ It presents a wonderful opportunity for fans to gain insights into her illustrious career and the current state of women’s soccer in the United States. As a player who has witnessed the growth and evolution of the sport firsthand, Lloyd brings a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will undoubtedly captivate viewers.

Reflecting on the Success of the USWNT

One of the key topics that Lloyd is expected to delve into is the unparalleled success of the United States Women’s National Team (USWNT). With four World Cup titles and four Olympic gold medals to their name, the USWNT has consistently set the bar high for women’s soccer around the world. Lloyd’s perspective as a key member of these winning squads will provide viewers with a unique understanding of the team’s dynamics and what it takes to achieve such remarkable success.

The Evolution of U.S. Soccer

Beyond her personal accomplishments, Carli Lloyd will also shed light on the evolution of U.S. Soccer as a whole. As the popularity of the sport has skyrocketed in recent years, Lloyd will share her thoughts on the growth of women’s soccer in the United States, the challenges faced along the way, and what lies ahead for the sport in the country.

Inspiration and Advice for Aspiring Athletes

Carli Lloyd’s journey to the top has been filled with determination, hard work, and countless sacrifices. Her story serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide. During her appearance on Kickin’ It, she is expected to offer valuable advice and insights for young players looking to make their mark in the world of soccer. From the importance of mental toughness to the significance of teamwork, Lloyd’s wise words will resonate with athletes of all ages and abilities.

A Champion Both On and Off the Field

Beyond the game, Carli Lloyd has consistently used her platform to advocate for important causes and initiatives. From gender equality in sports to empowering the next generation of athletes, her impact extends far beyond the soccer field. Her appearance on Kickin’ It will provide an opportunity for viewers to learn more about the meaningful work Lloyd is involved in and the legacy she hopes to leave behind.

Looking Ahead: The Next Chapter for Carli Lloyd

As Lloyd’s career enters its twilight, fans are left wondering what the future holds for the legendary soccer player. While retirement may be on the horizon, Lloyd’s passion for the game and desire to inspire others remain unwavering. In her discussion with Kickin’ It, she may reveal her plans for the next phase of her career, whether it be coaching, mentoring, or unveiling new initiatives to promote the growth of women’s soccer.


Carli Lloyd’s upcoming appearance on Kickin’ It is undoubtedly a must-watch event for all soccer fans. As a true legend of the sport, Lloyd’s insights will provide a deeper understanding of the USWNT’s success, the evolution of U.S. Soccer, and her personal journey to greatness. With her open and conversational style, she will undoubtedly engage viewers as she shares her wisdom, inspiration, and plans for the future. So mark your calendars and tune in to Kickin’ It on CBS Sports Golazo Network this Wednesday to witness the magic unfold as Carli Lloyd takes center stage.

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