Busts Revealed: Advanced NFL Model Predicts Disappointing Fantasy Football Rankings for 2023, Similar to Ezekiel Elliott’s Year

Fantasy Football Rankings 2023: Busts from advanced NFL model that called Ezekiel Elliott’s disappointing year

Are you ready for another exciting fantasy football season? As the 2023 season approaches, it’s time to start analyzing player performances and making predictions for your fantasy team. One invaluable tool that has emerged in recent years is advanced NFL models that can accurately predict player performance and identify potential busts. In this article, we will discuss the fantasy football rankings for 2023 and the busts identified by an advanced NFL model that previously predicted Ezekiel Elliott’s disappointing year. Let’s dive in!

The Advanced NFL Model: A Game-Changer

In the ever-evolving world of fantasy football, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. With the emergence of advanced NFL models, fantasy managers can now access more accurate predictions and rankings. These models utilize complex algorithms and machine learning to analyze players’ performance data, injury history, team dynamics, coaching changes, and many other factors. By incorporating these variables, the advanced NFL model can identify players who may underperform, known as busts, in the upcoming season.

Ezekiel Elliott’s Disappointing Year: A Testament to the Model’s Accuracy

Before we delve into the potential busts for 2023, let’s take a moment to review the advanced NFL model’s accuracy in predicting Ezekiel Elliott’s disappointing 2022 season. The model correctly identified a decline in Elliott’s productivity due to various factors such as injuries, offensive line changes, and offensive scheme adjustments. This accuracy builds confidence in the model’s ability to predict potential busts for the upcoming season.

Potential Busts for 2023

Now, let’s look at the players the advanced NFL model has identified as potential busts for the 2023 fantasy football season.

1. Player A: Quarterback, Team X

The advanced NFL model highlights concerns regarding Player A’s declining performance over the past couple of seasons. A combination of age, injuries, and a weakening supporting cast are contributing factors to the model indicating a potential bust for Player A in 2023. Fantasy managers should approach drafting Player A with caution and consider alternative options.

2. Player B: Wide Receiver, Team Y

Player B, a highly regarded wide receiver, has been a fantasy football darling in recent years. However, the advanced NFL model predicts a decline in Player B’s targets and receptions due to a coaching change and increased competition for touches within the offense. While Player B may still have some value, fantasy managers should adjust their expectations and potentially explore other options in the draft.

3. Player C: Running Back, Team Z

Player C, a running back with a history of consistent performance, raises some concerns for the advanced NFL model. Injuries, workload management, and a potential shift towards a committee backfield are all factors contributing to the model’s projection of a decline in production for Player C. Fantasy managers may need to adjust their strategy and consider other running backs who offer more stability.

Considerations and Strategies

While the advanced NFL model’s predictions are valuable, it’s important to consider other variables, such as injury updates, preseason performances, and roster changes. These factors can significantly impact a player’s fantasy value and should be taken into account when making draft decisions.

To mitigate the risks associated with potential busts, fantasy managers should consider diversifying their roster, investing in solid depth, and staying informed about player updates throughout the season. By keeping a keen eye on player performances and remaining adaptable, managers can navigate through any obstacles and maximize the potential of their fantasy teams.


As the 2023 fantasy football season approaches, utilizing advanced NFL models can provide invaluable insights into potential player busts. By analyzing various factors that impact player performance, these models can help fantasy managers make informed decisions during drafts. However, it is important to remember that no model is perfect, and other variables should also be considered. By remaining adaptable and staying proactive, fantasy managers can set themselves up for success in the upcoming season.

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