Body camera video shows bargain-hunting hound refusing to leave Florida store at closing time

Body camera video shows bargain-hunting hound refusing to leave Florida store at closing time

Dog refuses to leave Florida store

A 135-pound hunting dog spent hours wandering through Bradenton Dollar General, looking for a deal. storeBefore being taken by police at closing time.

When a dog refuses to take a deal, he gets more than he bargained. to leave a Bradenton store at closing timeAnd had toAnswer toAuthorities 

According to a post on the Bradenton Police Department’s Facebook page, a 135-pound dog named Bentley wandered into the Dollar General on Manatee Avenue W. and spent hours wandering through the discount store.

Employees said they didn’t mind the bargain-hunting houndWe look around, but we don’t know when it was. time toLock up and the sweet customer won’t let you go to leaveIn the end, authorities were called in toYou can take control. 

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Bodycam video showsAn officer entering the Dollar General and finding the gentle giant in its stockroom. After coaxing him into the main, he was able to get the dog to go. store, he still wasn’t ready toGet out. 

You can see the dog on videoSay goodbye toAn employee atThe cash register, and more exploration before an officer places a leash on him. 

Courtesy: Bradenton Police Department

After taking photographs, Bentley was taken from the hotel. storeHis owner came pulling up. He said he had been looking for his beloved dog and was grateful that the officers took good care. 

He stated that the enormous canine walked a few blocks after breaking through a barrier. toThe store. 

Police say that Bentley has been microchipped.

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