Beyond Bollywood: RRR and the future of Indian film

Beyond Bollywood: RRR and the future of Indian film

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RRR scored two Golden Globe nominations — a first for an Indian film. This week, Nothing is Foreign looks at how the Telugu-language savior broke through in just a year of increased political tensions for India’s film industry.

RRRTollywood, India’s Telugu language, has seen its success shine a light on it. film industry

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Ram Charan (left) and N.T. Rama Rao Jr. in a still the the Telugu-language blockbuster “RRR.”The filmSince then, he has been nominated twice for the Golden Globe Awards. (DVV Entertainment)

Nothing is ever foreign27:34Beyond Bollywood: RRR and the future of Indian film

India’s RRRA three-hour epic that has made 175,000,000 dollars worldwide. the world and found a massive audience through Netflix, has just been nominated for two Golden Globes — a first for an Indian film. And with that? RRRThis has made a difference in many ways ofPay attention to Tollywood the South Indian Telugu-language filmindustrie from which it was made.

This is during a difficult time for Bollywood. theHindi-language is the most dominant in the country film industry. A string of of big budget flops along andA right-wing-driven movement to boycott big stars

This week on Nothing is Foreign, the focus is on the world of RRR andTollywood’s success andWhy this could be related to India’s polarizing policy climate. 


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