Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaner On Amazon: Bissell Featherweight Vacuum Review

Best Cheap Vacuum Cleaner On Amazon: Bissell Featherweight Vacuum Review

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We were all there – you whip up loads of homemade cookies and with a flick of the wrist all the sugar spills onto the counter and then onto the floor. Then it’s the dance of pulling out the vacuum and pulling it into the kitchen, finding the right extension and soaking up the mess. Imagine having a compact vacuum that was slim enough to fit in a kitchen cabinet, but its small size didn’t detract from performance. Say hello to the Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum, an Amazon customer favorite with 4,500+ 5-star reviews.

“It has soooo much suction power, it’s unbelievable!” A reviewer gushes out of the vacuum, which in addition to fighting crumbs and spills, is also great for cleaning pet hair. “I never have to run it over the same spot twice and it’s great on my carpets !!! I don’t think it weighs even 10 pounds. I love this vacuum. ”

Other customers agree that it is impressively performing, and one reviewer swears that the featherweight Dyson’s much more expensive stick model is serious value for money: “My roommate was given a $ 900 Dyson as a gift so unwieldy it might as well be a weapon of mass destruction. And it doesn’t work nearly as well as that $ 30 vacuum. “

One of the most impressive features of the featherweight is that it is actually three cleaning machines in one: a stick vacuum cleaner, a handle vacuum cleaner, and a staircase vacuum cleaner. “This thing is amazing, the suction is intense, it’s light and easy to carry, it can be set up so that it can be used as a handheld or stick vacuum,” says one reviewer. “It’s a lifesaver and it’s such a great price!”

Bissell’s vacuum can be used on virtually any surface and comes with a splitting tool for furniture and a floor nozzle for stairs. Plus, it works just as well on hard floors as it does on carpets and rugs. “I definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to turn their back or anyone who wants it easier to keep up with their hard floors,” says one reviewer. “Total must have !!”

Light, powerful, affordable – what’s not to love? One customer sums it up: “That was the best $ 30 I’ve ever spent!”

Buy: Bissell Featherweight Stick Vacuum, $ 29.99

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