BayCare pauses new surgeries for Florida Blue patients as negotiations continue

BayCare pauses new surgeries for Florida Blue patients as negotiations continue

TAMPA, Fla. — BayCareThey have announced that they will not pause for any reason newOptional surgeriesprocedures in their hospitals for Florida Blue patientsStarting Thursday, September 22,

This announcement is made a month later BayCare sent a letter to patientsNotify them of the contract negotiationsThe insurance provider and the medical group Florida BlueYou could be leaving patients out-of-network.

The BayCareAnd Florida BlueThe current agreement ends on September 30. They must reach an agreement by that date if they are unable to. Florida BlueThe network of’s will no longer contain BayCareHospitals, lab services or BayCare Medical Group physicians.

BayCareAccording to them, they are working closely with physicians to avoid any disruption to their work. Florida Blue patientsWho already has? surgeriesOctober is the expected date.

According to BayCare, Emergency care, BayCareAmbulatory Surgery Centers BayCare Urgent Care, BayCareHomeCare and outpatient imaging will continue to be covered by the same network Florida BlueThey will not be affected by termination.

BayCareThey are still in negotiations with Florida BlueWe are hopeful of reaching an agreement. – * Source link

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