As MLB Free Agency Opens, Aaron Nola and Cody Bellinger Headline Top Five Players in the Ranking

MLB Free Agency: Ranking Top 50 Players as Market Officially Opens

Every offseason, Major League Baseball’s free agency period brings excitement and anticipation as teams look to bolster their rosters and players seek lucrative contracts. As the market officially opens, fans eagerly await to see which players will hit the headlines and make a significant impact for their new teams. This year, several big names are expected to dominate discussions, with the likes of Aaron Nola and Cody Bellinger poised to be in the top five. Let’s dive in and rank the top 50 players in MLB free agency.

1. Aaron Nola

Starting our list, Aaron Nola is a premier pitcher who has consistently delivered exceptional performances for the Philadelphia Phillies. With his impeccable command and devastating pitches, Nola is a force to be reckoned with on the mound. He has an impressive career ERA of 3.31 and has been a two-time All-Star. Nola’s ability to dominate opposing hitters and consistently produce quality starts places him at the top of the free agency rankings.

2. Cody Bellinger

Next up, Cody Bellinger solidifies his place as one of the most talented players in the game. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ outfielder has been a standout since his rookie season, garnering both accolades and success. Bellinger won the National League MVP award in 2019, highlighting his exceptional offensive skills, glove work, and speed on the basepaths. Teams looking to add a dynamic player capable of making game-changing plays will undoubtedly have Bellinger high on their wish list.

3. Max Scherzer

Heading into free agency, Max Scherzer presents an intriguing option for teams in need of a reliable ace. The three-time Cy Young Award winner has consistently been one of the most dominant pitchers in the league. With a career ERA of 3.16 and an impressive strikeout record, Scherzer brings both experience and a winning mentality to any team he joins. As a veteran leader with a proven track record, Scherzer is sure to attract significant interest in the free agency market.

4. Freddie Freeman

Freddie Freeman, the cornerstone of the Atlanta Braves, holds a crucial spot on our list. The first baseman has been a consistent offensive threat throughout his career and possesses exceptional defensive skills. Freeman was named the National League MVP in 2020 and has been an integral part of the Braves’ resurgence in recent years. As a reliable hitter and a defensive anchor at first base, Freeman is likely to be a highly sought-after player in free agency.

5. Carlos Correa

Finishing off our top five, Carlos Correa is a talented shortstop who has consistently impressed both offensively and defensively. At just 27 years old, Correa already has a World Series championship under his belt and offers a potent combination of power and speed. His ability to come up clutch in big moments and showcase excellent range in the field makes him a valuable asset for any team in need of a dynamic shortstop.

Now that we have covered the top five players in MLB free agency, let’s continue our ranking with the remaining top 50 talents.


6. Javier Baez

7. Clayton Kershaw

8. Kris Bryant

9. Corey Seager

10. Marcus Semien


11. Anthony Rizzo

12. Robbie Ray

13. Trevor Story

14. Chris Taylor

15. Noah Syndergaard

16. Eduardo Rodriguez

17. Brandon Belt

18. Justin Verlander

19. Kyle Schwarber

20. Kenley Jansen


21. Yasmani Grandal

22. Starling Marte

23. Michael Conforto

24. Carlos Rodon

25. Ken Giles

26. Nelson Cruz

27. Avisail Garcia

28. Clayton Richard

29. Kyle Seager

30. Jon Gray


31. Andrew McCutchen

32. Michael Pineda

33. Wade Miley

34. Jorge Soler

35. Joe Musgrove

36. Alex Cobb

37. Rougned Odor

38. Odubel Herrera

39. Tyler Wade

40. Rougned Odor


41. Kolten Wong

42. Jurickson Profar

43. Kevin Gausman

44. Chris Owings

45. Danny Duffy

46. Justin Upton

47. Rich Hill

48. Matt Duffy

49. Jurickson Profar

50. Adrian Gonzalez

In Conclusion

MLB free agency provides a thrilling opportunity for teams to enhance their rosters as they seek to compete for championships. As the market officially opens, players like Aaron Nola and Cody Bellinger are expected to garner significant attention and secure top contracts. However, the entire top 50 list showcases a diverse range of talent across various positions. Ultimately, the outcome of this year’s free agency will shape the landscape of the upcoming MLB season, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement among fans and players alike.

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