Amazon cleaning finds: Shark hand cleaner Dampfmopheld

Amazon cleaning finds: Shark hand cleaner Dampfmopheld

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Whether tiles, parquet or laminate, all floors have one thing in common: dirt. And if you’re looking for something to tackle all of the filth, nothing cleans like steam. Luckily, the folks at Shark found that out and not only made their high quality Steam Mop hand cleaner effective at removing all of that dirt without the use of harsh chemicals. but also easy to use and cheap. You can find it now on Amazon for just $ 69.99 (usually $ 89.99), which is an amazing bargain for getting even the dirtiest floors sparkling clean in minutes. You don’t quite believe in the power of steam yet? I bet 18,000+ five star reviews will change your mind.

What makes reviewers call this mop a “game changer”? Certainly the fact that steam kills 99.9 percent of bacteria without harsh chemicals is a major selling point. But, as one reviewer notes, it’s the effective microfiber pads that pick up dirt, “instead of turning it into mud and moving it around” like a normal wet mop that really makes the shark (and your floors) shine. And that dirty water bucket? Goodbye. The pads absorb everything, do not have to be constantly wrung out and can be used on both sides for longer cleaning times. Bonus: They’re machine washable and reusable.

Users love the ease of use of this mop. Just fill the water compartment, plug it in and you will be steam powered and ready to go in just 30 seconds. The Shark has swiveling steering so you can reach hard-to-reach kitchen corners and muddy entrances. Many satisfied customers also praise the extra long cable with which they can go from room to room without interruption, as well as the fast drying of floors after use. Put simply by another reviewer, “You let the mop do all the hard work.”

If you’re still unsure whether something this simple, easy, and inexpensive can really clean your floors, take it from a reviewer who compared it to the professional cleaners they recently hired. “No disrespect to the housekeeping service for doing their best, but this mop picked up the dirt and grime that a traditional mop couldn’t touch.” Better and cheaper than a professional? Besides, no harsh chemicals? Sold.

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