All-Clad VIP Sale March 2021

All-Clad VIP Sale March 2021

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While the ice is thawing, the spring buds are blooming and the temperature is rising, in March everything revolves around the motto: “Out with the old and in with the new!” There is only one thing about the changing seasons that makes us urgently need to renovate our homes and kitchens. If you are planning on tackling your kitchen cabinets, it is probably time to replace your damaged and scratched cookware pieces. And as if on cue, All-Clad’s epic VIP sale started today.

In case you’re new here, the event is the perfect opportunity to replace old, battered cookware with quality pieces from All-Clad without spending a fortune. This time around, the sale includes a ton of our favorite must-haves, plus a 10-piece set for almost 40 percent off! (We promise this is not a typo!) To access the limited-time event, visit the Home and Cook Sales website (they host the sale), enter your email address, and start shopping . This event, not to be missed, lasts the rest of the week. However, since the best deals tend to sell out in a flash, we’ve rounded up our favorite deals below so you can find the good stuff as quickly as possible.

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