A seismic shift in how Tampa Bay leaders feed people

A seismic shift in how Tampa Bay leaders feed people

TAMPA, Fla. — Local food pantries, medical professionals, chefs, and professors are all teaming up to find the best way to keep peopleYou will be fed and, even more important, you will be healthy.


At the outbreak of the pandemic there was a lot of emphasis on eating healthy to boost your immunity system. Feeding is also important. Tampa BayFood RX launched. It was an idea many years ago. inThe making of, but the pandemic was able to speed up the process. Three years later, Feeding the World was a success. Tampa Bay”Food is medicine” is more popular than anyone could have imagined.

Matt Spence is Chief Programs Officer at Feeding. Tampa Bay, told ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska.

“We set up food pharmacies all over our service territory so that anyone who needs them can get it. inIf the patient has a diet-related illness such as diabetes or hypertension, their doctor will write a prescription for them that says “Go See Feeding”. Tampa BaySpence stated that this was the case. “And the problem for many healthcare providers, is that they cannot prescribe healthy diets and expect patients to follow them.” peopleIt is not possible for anyone who cannot afford it to purchase the fruit, the vegetable, the low-sodium meal, or the whole grain. It doesn’t matter if your doctor says that you shouldn’t eat it – if you don’t have the money, it doesn’t matter.

Spence explained that the majority of food they distribute is the outer ring at the grocery store, where “that fresher, healthier stuff.” It’s your protein, dairy products, and particularly fruits and veggies. This is a larger part of your monthly bill. It’s the food we want to eat for a healthy and balanced diet. It’s amazing that donors donate food so that we can ensure that it gets to the people who really need it.


Food is medicine programs are more costly to maintain but they are still very affordable. inExperts believe that healthy food will benefit struggling families in the long-term and keep them out the hospital.

Paluska was informed by David Himmelgreen (Director of the USF Center of the Advancement of Food Security and Healthy Communities), that “it’s not only filling a hunger gap, but also addressing a long-term issue of food security and health.”

Himmelgreen claimed he advised Feeding Tampa BayMaking sure you are getting the right food for your body peopleover the years. His work took him across the globe to Central America, India and Africa.

“But it also provides culturally meaningful food to peopleThey know the foods they eat. howHimmelgreen stated that it is important to make sure they are prepared so that they can be healthier. We know from research that it is possible to give. peopleA food pantry will provide food, and they’ll take some. Some of it they’ll use and some they’ll discard. Some of it they’ll give away as they aren’t used to it or don’t have the time. howTo prepare it

Himmelgreen claimed that the programs work based on his scientific research and biological data.

“We’ve discovered that.” peopleHimmelgreen stated that those who received more food were better at managing their diseases. So, the more they redeem, the better their hemoglobins are. Although they did lose a little weight, their BMI went down. Their food security improved. There is a link between food security, using a food pantry, and better managing a disease. It is possible to feedA family of four can eat a healthy, nutritious diet for $800 per month. One visit to the ER will cost 1000s of Dollars. There are cost savings.

Himmelgreen claimed that recent research has shown that healthy foods are good for the body. inSometimes, the difference can mean the difference of life and death. Take, for example: inBMJ researchers released a 2020 study that stated that one in five deaths around the world is due to suboptimal diet. This was more than any other risk factor such as tobacco.

Researchers also argued that healthcare systems are more like “food is medicine interventions to treat, prevent and manage illness.”


Feeding is partnering with several medical facilities Tampa Bayto help them grow their Food RX.

Participate in a community event inPasco County: We visited a mobile BayCare Health System clinic.

“We believe food is medicine. For an individual to thrive, they must be able access healthy and nutritious food,” Lisa Bell (Director of Community Benefits for BayCare) stated. We have 42 school-based pantries throughout the region. Aid here in Pasco County. We’re now looking to strengthen that relationship with feeding Tampa BayBring it! inWe can send our community health teams out to perform screenings, and perhaps other preventive services. To date, over 7500 healing bags have been distributed to patients in our health system.

We were able to see a couple get a quick checkup at the mobile clinic.

Jennifer Daoud explained, “It is a free screening.” “We wanted to see the film, just a simple blood little fingerprick screening.”

“What do you expect to learn once you have your finger pricked today?” Paluska asked.

“All my levels are great. As they should be. And if they aren’t, then I’ll address it. It’s convenient and it’s very nice,” Daoud replied.


Trinity Cafe’s Executive Chef Daniel Graves prepares a delicious feast.

“We put our heart into it. We cook as if it were our family’s dinner. Graves explained that it is all about respecting their dignity and worth while cooking.

There are many places to eat outside of Trinity Cafe. people in need. Graves suggested that food is one way to heal them and maybe get them off of the streets one day.

“Food is medicine, that’s how I see it. The body is healed by food. Without nutrition and food, your body won’t heal. Many of our guests also eat only one meal per day. Graves stated that it is a blessing to be in a position to provide this for them. “And that’s what makes the impact so special and real, sometimes because it’s something I always have with me. But we have. peopleWho serve as volunteers, who were once our guests.”

“Do they tell them?” howThey are hungry. Can you see it?” Paluska asked.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve had even more!” peopleMore than I can remember. You can knock on the backdoor at any time families. I don’t eat in two days. Please, can you help me? Graves explained that they will assist them. We do that.”

Depending on what the customer needs are, the cafe can prepare 800 to 1000 meals per day. Graves stated that they will reach a milestone in the next month.

Graves stated that there are three locations and they will be celebrating 2,000,000 meals.

As food pantries and medical facilities. shiftTheir pantries can be transformed into healthier food. It has never been more important to have basic food for all ages.

“We still see an elevated need. That number is approximately a million people inThe Tampa BaySpence stated that many people in the area still struggle with food security.

You can help Feeding Africa by donating. Tampa BayYou can click HERE.

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